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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Living After the Manner of Happiness (2 Nefi 5:27)

29 May 2017

Wow, this week was a great week. A week of learning, a week of happiness, a week of growing, a week of beauty!

This week we had Conferencia de Zona and it was AMAZING! I had 10 minutes to speak on endurance and I had it all planned and then in the last minutes right before I spoke the Spirit told me to share something different than what I had planned! I shared the scripture in 1 Nefi 13:37 and related it to us here in the Chile Osorno Mission. It was so fun to be able to talk and share my testimony about endurance in the mission and life in general! Conference was just so powerful and at the end President was talking about how to be more consecrated and so that is really what I am working on. To be more consecrated in the work and the gospel and give all that I have to the Lord and His gospel!

While President was doing interviews with all the Missionaries we stole Hermana Isom to come with us to our lesson with Dolly our investigator! We had the best lesson every about the Book of Mormon! Dolly is soooo excited to start reading it and it was the best to have Hermana Isom with us because her little boy is crazy and hermana Isom took him and he almost fell asleep in her arms and thanks to that we could invite Dolly to be baptized! The Spirit was so strong and she says she will study the Book of Mormon and pray to know! It was awesome, awesome, awesome!

During my intercambio with Hermana Piscoya I first lost my agenda with all the information of our investigators and contacts... and then we were walking down a steep hill in one of our sectors and I slipped and fell and got covered in mud! It was a rough hour ha-ha.

We found 8 new investigators to teach this week! Maria Ignacia is one of them and we really feel like she was just waiting for us to knock on her door. She is 19 years old and her great grandma got baptized 3 years ago in a city more north! In the summer when she would go visit her grandma, she would always go to church with her and she loved it! We invited her to be baptized when she knew this gospel was true and she said yes! We are so excited to continue to teach her!

There are so many more things I want to write but I just can’t fit it all in! I love this work so much and finding beautiful families to teach! Yesterday we found 2 amazing families that loved what we had to share! One of the families loved our voices so much when we sang that they asked if they could record us! The Lord has heard our prayers and is blessing us in so many ways! I feel so blessed to be here in Libertad 2 for my last sector! I AM SO HAPPY! And that’s why my scripture of the week is 2 Nefi 5:27 because in this part of the Book of Mormon Nefi and his family were the happiest people on earth because they were living the gospel of Jesus Christ and keeping the commandments! IF WE WANT TO BE HAPPY WE MUST LIVE THE GOSPEL AND DO ALL THAT THE LORD HAS ASKED US TO DO. It won’t be easy but as we do it 100% we will feel more joy than we can ever imagine and we will receive many blessings! Be happy and live the Gospel! Don’t go to church with a bad attitude... go to learn! Go to the temple… don’t just look at it from afar! Enjoy every day to the fullest! And don’t forget to read and study the scriptures! I am changed forever thanks to my beautiful mission here in Chile.... Love you all!

Hermana Falslev

 Coming live from Frutillar, Chile

 One of the prettiest places I have been to on my mission. 

 In this building they have places to eat and a place for concerts! 
These pictures don't even compare to what its like in person! 

 I had two awesome intercambios this week with hermana Rueda from Colombia and hermana Piscoya who is from my same group and my literally like my sister! 
 Hermana Piscoya and I had to fill our thing up with gas so we had to make a funnel! 

 Beautiful food :) The food is sooooo good here! 

There is a book on how to speak Spanish here in Chile because there are so many words that they have made up! 

 We helped decorate for new beginnings for the young women!

 Investigators from my first sector!!! 
 Pamela is so beautiful and sweet! 

 We went to the cutest place for hot chocolate... and as we were drinking our hot chocolate the volcano was coming out from the clouds.... 

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