Serving March 2016 - August 2017

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Full Heart!

25 July 2016

Another amazing week has come and gone in the mission!

This week we walked and walked and walked... We had around 200 contacts from the streets to houses and not one new investigator! But we do have a lot of citas this week and we know we will see blessing from our work!

Thursday was the craziest day of the week! We were at the bank to take money out for medicine and stuff when all of a sudden Hermana Arroyos eye was red and hurting her and it looked so weird… so we headed to the hospital and she got it all checked out... Turns out she had an allergic reaction. It was the craziest thing!

Then we headed to Puerto Varas and it is the cutest little town ever! Our Zone and another Zone met there with Presidente and there were over 200 youth from Osorno and all over for a conference! Presidente and his wife talked and then each pair of missionaries got 14 youth to go out and each place a copy of the Book of Mormon! It was fun and they were all so nervous, but it was so special to watch them share their testimonies! They just keep talking me and Hermana Arroyos ears off, they were so cute! I will send a picture of a few of them! It was so cool to see so many youth and to see their happy smiling faces and to be an example to them! The Spirit was so strong!

Friday we had interviews with Presidente!! He and his wife are so cute! First of all he cannot pronounce Falslev for the life of him haha it’s so funny... the first question he asked is “Hermana Falslev, how are you always so happy? Every time I see you, you are smiling and so excited!” Then he went on to tell me that I remind him of a Hermana that use to be in the mission and then after my interview he insisted on showing me a picture of her! Haha Presidente is the best! He had an interview with me and Hermana together and just told us the take good care of the missionaries and to always have are phones on us and ready.

This week I read Alma 36 like 5 times... I love this chapter so much!! Alma is sharing his story of how he used the Atonement in his life! I challenge you to all read it this week and use the Atonement of Jesus Christ in your life and be happy! WE are so lucky to have the gospel! Also my SPANISH... this week I was thinking back to the third day in the CCM when I felt horrible about my Spanish and why I was sent Spanish speaking… NOW I can speak Spanish with everyone and it’s amazing... I feel soooo blessed and my heart is so full! I love Hermana Arroyo and being able to speak Spanish with her is so humbling! Every night I go to bed thanking my Heavenly Father for such an amazing mission, family, and companions. I love this work. BUT MOST OF ALL I LOVE THIS PERFECT GOSPEL!! LOVE YOU ALL! My birthday is in one month so if you would like, send me a letter. I love you all so much!

Hermana Falslev

Monday, July 18, 2016

Happiest Missionary in the World!

MY NEW COMPANION IS AMAZING!! Hermana Arroyo is from Campeche, Mexico which is 6 hours from Cancun and is an angel sent from heaven!!! She is the enfurmera of the mission, 24 years old, and amazing. She has one brother that is 18 and her mom! She says she wants eight kids!

Literally all of you praying for me at home, thank you, because I got the best of the best!

She studied medicine for four years before the mission and that is why she is now the nurse of the mission! This has literally been the best week of my life with her!

We have been contacting like crazy, finding people that our ready. She is in charge of all of the sick missionaries. So we get calls every day from missionaries and she just helps them feel better. Saturday night we went to the hospital and met up with a Hermana. We won’t usually have to leave our sector unless there in an emergency, and then next transfer we will get to go to President’s house and do a presentation for the new missionaries! I remember when she and her companion then did the presentation and I never thought I would be her companion!!

I wish you all could meet her! She has helped me sooo much with my Spanish and she likes to try and speak English with me! Oh my goodness I could go on and on. Literally could not have asked for a better companion!

Hermana Schroeder was super sad to leave me and our sector, she left crying! This has been the greatest spiritual week of my life... Hermana Arroyo is an angel I swear! This morning we cleaned our whole house perfectly and I love it! Never knew I could be so happy. I’m so happy to be taking on this sector with Hermana Arroyo.

Friday we visited a bunch of families out in the country and it made them so happy that we came to visit! We are about to flip this barrio upside down! I’m walking the streets of Chile with a spiritual giant by my side! This week we are going to see so many miracles, I know it! The picture of me is after we got home and there was sooo much wind! Haha. The weather is beautiful today, and I bought some new boots!

I LOVE MY MISSION! This is going to be an amazing six weeks! Love you all!


Hermana Falslev

Monday, July 11, 2016

4 Months Strong!

Hola!! Ah so much to talk about!! It’s winter. This past week has gotten colder but it’s not too bad... Right now I’m wearing my cute beanie and two pairs of leggings and about 4 layers on! It’s raining and blowing like crazy!! But it should only last til’ about the mid of September so I can do it!

So last Monday Hermana Schroeder and I saw a penguin... We were washing our hands in the ocean and this penguin shot out at us and it was sooo cool haha. We were like what the heck just happened!! And then it kept popping up but it was so fast I couldn’t get a dang picture! But we saw a bunch of sea lions haha.

Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting and it was amazing! Elder Komenda matched us up with a different companion and we had 20 minutes to leave the church building and find someone to invite to baptism. Hermana Ruiz and I found this guy named Pablo in the first 5 minutes and he is golden... We gave him a picture of Jesus Christ and he asked who he was... He literally did not know our Savior... So we read the Book of Mormon with him and told him what we believed in and he was like, “families can really be together and there is really life after this life?” Honestly the Spirit was so strong and after it happened we were just like what happened, it was amazing. So many people here don’t even know who our Savior Jesus Christ is. It made me so more excited to be here in Chile and to be bringing this amazing message to this amazing people. The Spirit is the greatest thing!

Wednesday we went and had a leccion with Jorge and just in the middle of the leccion he starts eating the peel of an orange... not the orange just the peel hahaha it was one of the funniest things ever!! He just kept saying, “mi encanta, mi encanta.” Oh Jorge, what a guy. He makes me so happy!

We are struggling finding new investigators but I know we will find those that are ready! Transfers are Wednesday, so I’m not sure what is going to happen yet! I’m sure I am staying and leading the sector which will be fun! It will be sad to leave Hermana Schroeder. We have had amazing experiences together and it’s been an amazing 3 months!! The time went so fast! I truly love my first sector with my whole heart. I have been so blessed... I know it’s because I have the best people back at home supporting me! The Chile, Osorno Mission is the best... I’ve met some amazing missionaries already and it’s only been three months. I truly can’t describe how amazing it is to be able to see and feel the love that our Heavenly Father has for all of His Children!

My birthday is coming up next month, so if any of you would like to send me a birthday card I would love it!!

Hermana Falslev
Mision Chile Osorno
Casilla 7-0
Chile, Osorno

It’s a super easy address! I love missionary work! Love you all!! This work is amazing!! Estoy muy feliz!! I cannot believe it’s been 4 amazing months! I can’t wait for so many more!

Hermana Falslev

4th of July