Serving March 2016 - August 2017

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Packing My Bags and Going Back Home... to Puerto Montt!

20 March 2017

CAMBIOS! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone these last six weeks with Hermana Ribeiro! Well I got a call last night from President saying that he had a cambio for me... I will be going back to Puerto Montt about 20 minutes from my first sector! I will be a Sister Training Leader. I feel a lot of emotions... Sad that I will be leaving this amazing sector and the amazing investigators and members here. But I am soooo excited for this new adventure! My companion will be Hermana Adams from California who has been a convert for two years.. I have heard lots about her but I don’t know her because our mission is so big. We will have lots to do together.. The ward I am going to is one of the biggest wards in the mission. My first intercambio in the mission was in this sector and now I'm going there. Also I believe I will get to go to my first sector! I’m so excited for this opportunity and to help other missionaries... I have been told that there are two Hermanas on the island of Chiloe and that we get to go visit them! I’m so excited and feel so blessed! But I am so sad to be leaving, it breaks my heart... This is the hardest part of the mission for me.. Leaving sectors! But I am going to an amazing ward!! LIBERTAD is the name. 

Hermana Ribeiro will be having Hermana Hess end her training! She is nervous but I know she can run the sector! We had a great last week together.. I really thought I wouldn’t have cambios.. Our last week was really calm and awesome. We found a new family to teach that love what we shared with them in the Book of Mormon and they are excited to read it for theirselves! 

This week we got the new Ensign for April and I want you ALL to read the talk ´The War Goes On' ... it’s amazing.. it talks about the war between us with Satan here on earth especially now! Being here in Chile I can see just how evil and horrible Satan and his followers are… Read this talk and you will feel so inspired! We need to halt Satan with all that we have! 

I’m soooo excited for General Conference.. I know there will be answers for all of us. I know that our Heavenly Father knows us and loves us each so very much and cheers us on when we are trying our best ever day. I can see this as a missionary so strongly.. I can feel the love He has for all of His children.. And when they want nothing to do with us my love grows for them even more and it’s a love that I cannot explain. I love this gospel! I love you all! I LOVE MY MISSION IN CHILE OSORNO. I love my companions, they are angels! I love my family and all of their love and support and the Durrant family as well and all my amazing friends.... I AM SOOOO BLESSED! Have the best week! 


Hermana Falslev

Llevo un año en la gran misión Chile Osorno

13 March 2017

Wow, I can’t believe one year ago I was in the MTC in Mexico trying to learn Spanish and now here I am one year in the mission in beautiful Chile! 
The time has flown by so very fast and I am loving every minute! 

This week was slow, but good! :) Hermana Ribeiro has a huge blister about the size of a quarter and so it’s killing her to walk.. and she got sick on Wednesday so it was a rough week on her, but she is good now! I love her so very much and cannot believe we are already in week 6 together.. every week we are closer and closer.. Sometimes it’s still hard to understand her but I love helping her out! Everyone tells her that she has picked it up so fast! 

We had three investigators in church yesterday! Maria Triviño wants to be baptized she just wants to make sure she is ready and it’s the right time for her.. We are hoping for the end of this month. The ward is helping a lot with her and it’s helping her progress! She loves the Book of Mormon and reads it every day, two times a day! 

We had a new investigator Martiza at church with us! I was so excited to see her when she walked in.. it just seemed like she belonged and that this is what she is really missing in her life! The Zone Leaders had two investigators so we had a total of five in our Ward! I loving having more time in a sector so that we can really see the changes in the Ward! I love Centro! We had an attendance of 51 members this week.. its growing haha. I miss my big ward at home in Utah sometimes :) I love my ward! 

The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days.. fall is coming fast! I’m really not ready for cold. I have loved summer and the warmth! 

I taught Hermana Ribeiro how to make a fire this week because they don’t need heat in Brazil so that was fun.... my poor companion is always cold! I love you all so very much! I hope you can all feel of my love! Thank you for your love and support! 


Hermana Falslev

When you realize you have been out a year!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 52 of the Mission!!! ONE YEAR!

6 March 2017

I cannot believe that in 3 days I will hit my year mark! The time has flown by in a blink of an eye. I have grown more than I ever thought I would. My testimony is growing and growing everyday of this beautiful Gospel! I have had 7 amazing companions that have changed my life.. 3 areas where I have met amazing members that have also changed my life. I could go on and on about the amazing things that have happened in this last year! ITS BEEN LIFE CHANGING!  I’m in love with Chile and the people I have met and get to talk to everyday. 

This week was awesome! We found a new lady to teach named Maritza.. She lives with her two boys 14, and 7 and we knocked on her house and she was so nice and we asked if we could share a message with her and she gladly invited us in. We started out by sharing a video with her about our Heavenly Father and then talked to her about her religion and her life. She began to tell us how she is Catholic but has always felt like it wasn’t the church for her... so she has been going to a different church.. Evangelica.. but she began to tell us how she still feels like something is missing so she hasn’t been going to any other church.. so what do you think we shared with her? THE RESTORATION.. and as we finished she said this is what I am missing I am like those people during the apostasy that were looking for the truth! WHAT!!! Something you should all know is the people here love to talk and talk and talk.. and talk. She had so much to share with us about her life and something that Elder Stevenson taught us was that we need to LISTEN! So even though I wanted to keep teaching her I let her talk.. her and ex husband are separated and its been really hard for her because she wants a dad for her two cute boys and she has really bad depression and I felt like we really helped her just by listening. She wasn’t able to come to church because she flew to Santiago to meet with a doctor but she is looking forward to our next visit and to come to church this week!!! I love the miracles we see in this sector! 

I feel like I have talked about so many different people we are teaching.. but these are our investigators that are progressing....

Maria Trivino (73) should be getting baptized this month.. she wants to receive a blessing of comfort so she can know when she can be baptized.. she is amazing and has come to church 7 times with me. 

Carmin 37, Antonia 15, Trinidad 8, an amazing family that we found two weeks ago.

 Carolina and Juan Pable (37)

Angelica (67) progressing slow but she is awesome and like a grandma to me

Maritza (43) who we found this week!! 

Emilia (63) her sister got baptized in Utah about a year ago! 

Doris and her two granddaughters Martina and Carla 

We have a lot of others that I have talked about but that we haven’t been able to have a lesson with because of vacations or other reasons!

I feel so blessed in this sector! My companion is doing awesome and happy. Its been awesome to watch her grow every week! We have lots of things to do this week. Something that I love in the mission is watching everything come together... Not gonna lie I could finish my mission in this sector!!! Centro 2 for life!! Thank you all for you love and support.. I can’t believe I’m hitting a year this week.. I’m gonna burn a skirt or something to celebrate an amazing year in the Chile Osorno mission! Les QUIERO!!!!!! 


Hermana Falslev

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Camera Broke & Flea Bites

27 February 2017

Javier who is our investigador... (He is who we found walking to the mission home and his girlfriend is a member) ... well he is going to be baptized but is moving to a city about 40 minutes from here.. He wants to serve a mission and everything.. So sad he is leaving.. I'm going to be calling the missionaries that are in his new area so that they can know who they are getting :) His girlfriend is Pamela and she as well is going to serve a mission! 

This week was beautiful! The weather is so nice lately. It’s still really hot but the nights are cool! No rain all week and it’s just so nice and beautiful.. I don’t want summer to end! 

Monday after writing home, I was trying to look at my pictures and the lens in my camera broke and I tried to fix it all week and ask people here for help but it’s long gone :(  I’m heartbroken because I'm a picture lover!

We had an amazing lesson with Carmin and her daughter Antonia this week! We went with a member, knowing they would hit it off and that’s exactly what happened! 

Her daughter Antonia is 15 years old and just barely told her mom that she doesn’t believe that God is real.. She was like can you guys help me, help her... We taught them The Plan of Salvation and it was perfect! They were both listening to every word we had to say.. They don’t have any type of religion in their house.. and so we explained it really simple with some videos and the Spirit was so strong in the room! When my companion spoke I could feel the spirit so strong and they were both listening so intently! They are so excited to read and pray.. 

It’s just so amazing to be able to teach these people that don’t know the basics about our loving Heavenly Father and His plan and about our Savior, Jesus Christ! There really is no better feeling! We were talking to the member that went with us and she LOVED IT! Working with the members really is what it is all about so that they can become stronger and in the meantime share their testimonies and their knowledge! 

We had intercambios this week and it was great! I was with Hermana Cardoso from Argentina.. she is amazing and we had a lot of fun! But in their house, during the night I got attacked by fleas and started itching like crazy in the night and in the morning woke up with about 20 bites and they itched soooo bad, but its getting better now, just trying my best not to itch them! I almost went the whole summer without getting bitten haha. 

My companion had a fever and migraine Saturday so Hermana Isom told us to have her sleep and she slept for almost the whole day.. and feels a  lot better! 

I really am sad to have Javier move but it doesn’t matter what missionaries are teaching him.. He was such an amazing investigator... he is reading the Book of Mormon every day and progressing so much and really understands it all! When our investigators read and pray and do the things we ask there isn’t much better than that.. and to really see them change.. I love it… Maria is still progressing and reading the Book of Mormon every time we go to visit, she is sitting in her chair reading! 

I love this work.. I love the members here.. I love it all! Thank you all for your support! Good luck to my little brother and cousins this week in basketball! Be safe all of you! 


Hermana Falslev

My cute valcano socks I found!

The best strawberries I have ever had

empanadas to die for ... bishop bought us them for lunch 

Intercambios with Hermana Lideres

Everyone here is buying wood for the winter.

A picture of all the letters I have recived from my mom!! I have the best mom ever!  And my cute feet with tan lines.