Serving March 2016 - August 2017

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Most Rewarding Thing On Earth

24 October 2016

Okay I have so much to talk about...

Monday we got in a taxi and we had our phone and then we got home and we were planning and we couldn’t find the phone anywhere... So now we have a new one and we don’t have anyone’s numbers so that’s been tough... first time for really losing the phone...

Tuesday our District Leader had a sober cambio and so we got a brand new District Leader! He is new so he is still trying to figure things out so that has been fun to change things up a little.

Wednesday we went out into the country with JULIO and we literally walked 12 miles... But we were walking and started talking to this lady named Michelle and she has two little boys Frank 9 and Hans 7 well we walked to the front of their road which was like a grove of trees and we started a leccion with them about the Plan of Salvation... and let me just tell you it was soooo amazing... They were all listening to every word that we said and asking questions and the view of the country fields was soooo beautiful... I will send a picture… It was by far one of my favorite lessons of the mission! They live about 40 minutes out of Rio Bueno! They are golden... Hans even said his favorite subject in school is religion... Julio is an amazing member and wants to move to the states and start a Chilean restaurant... He is always so willing to help us!

Thursday we had a Conference with President Isom... and he told us all our rule changes... We can drink Mate which is a popular herb drink here... seriously everyone drinks it. Our mamita let us have some of hers and it was really good but then super bitter! Fun to be able to finally try it! He also is letting us have one hour for dinner at night so we aren’t starving when we enter the house a night. There are some others but those two are the best! He is such an amazing President and he really wants us to step out of the box and be creative!

Friday we had a fireside with the youth of our ward and we are really working on strengthening them because there are so many menos activo!! I have so much more I could say but there is never enough time! Love you all!!! Have the best week and I hope it isn’t getting too cold yet! Chile is amazing and my companion and I are working hard here in Rio Bueno! The mission is the most rewarding thing on earth I believe! Love you all!

Hermana Falslev

Monday, October 17, 2016

Things Keep Getting Better

17 October 2016

So much going on here in Rio Bueno!

This week we had a member every day to work with us! It is something so espacial to work with the members... To have their testimonies and love for the people alongside of us! My favorite part of the week was that we received a reference from the Familia Moreno of one of their neighbors who they saw crying in the street one day and so Wednesday morning we went with Hermana Moreno and then her husband came... Their neighbor is Karina and she is about 55 years and has had a super crazy hard life and just poured her heart out to us and was so grateful to have us in her house... It was so amazing to have all four of us testifying of this gospel and how much it has blessed our lives... She just kept saying how we were an answer to her prayers! She is so ready for this gospel and her prayers are my favorite. Something about her is she has anxiety and a lot of fears and it was so amazing to see as the Spirit helped her through the lesson and she was so calm by the end of the lesson... And she said an amazing prayer and started crying and by the end of her prayer I think we were all crying... The Spirit was so strong....

Fast forward two days and me and Hermana Tripp went Friday morning and had another amazing lesson with her about the restoration and how this is the gospel of Jesus Christ... and taught her the importance of baptism... and we asked her to be baptized the 20th of November and she accepted!!!! The lesson was so powerful and amazing... We both left with the biggest smiles on our faces... Nothing is better in the mission than having a powerful lesson with the Spirit and with an amazing beautiful child of God who has been waiting and praying for this gospel! I’m telling you the mission just keeps getting better and better!! I feel so, so blessed to have amazing Hermana Tripp as my companion... I love watching her teach and seeing the love that Heavenly Father has for her... She is an angel... I am learning so much from her!! Everything just keeps getting better and I just keep getting happier and happier! This gospel is perfect and I love that we can always become better than we were the day before! I love you all and hope you are all doing great! Thanks for all your prayers! La Mision Chile Osorno is the greatest and I know this is exactly where I needed to be!

Hermana Falslev

7 Months... Time Flies... New Companion

10 October 2016

Wow another week has come and gone! I have a new companion... Hermana Tripp! She graduated a year after me and is from Draper, Utah! She is amazing and she has five sisters and is in the middle! She is an amazing missionary! I feel so blessed to be here in Rio Bueno with her! We have about four investigators right now! Nicol, Vivianna, Bernardo, Karla, and others that are progressing. We have been so busy this week and I feel that everything is just exploding... We are receiving so many references from the members and from the computer! I love it, but feel like I don’t even have time to think! I love this work so much! Bernardo has fecha for the 5th of November... we really are focusing to get him to church!! A lot of our investigators just have fear and I don’t know why haha... I love church! We had lessons with members this week with Nicol and Bernardo which were probably my favorite lessons! I love, love, love working with the members and having them bear their testimonies during the lessons... it brings the Spirit so much! My companion Hermana Tripp was actually companions with Hermana Arroyo... We were both super blessed to be companions with her! She really is so amazing and we have a lot of plans for this sector... We work and teach super well together! I feel like I just have the best companions that are out there! This morning we cleaned our house for about five hours and it is so nice... We are focusing on having the Spirit as much as we can with us!

I love the mission with my whole heart and these people with all of my heart... I love the children here so much! They make me so happy to see them playing and laughing in the street... We were talking to a member yesterday about how Heavenly Father is sending His warriors to the earth right now to prepare for the Second Coming and I totally believe it! I love little kids so much! I love Chile with all my heart... I know that this is where I am supposed to be! Hope you all have a great week! I love you all, especially my amazing family!

Hermana Falslev

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Meeting the Isom's

3 October 2016

Hola my favorite people! This week was super amazing, just like always.

Wednesday we left with a member whose name is Julio and he is amazing. He served a mission in Santiago and is about 45 and isn’t married. So he always has time to help us out. He is just like our Savior Jesus Christ, he has so much love for everyone. He started contacting people in the streets with us. And he is one of the happiest, loving people I have ever met. Since he isn’t married, the rama is like his family he has love for all of them. For 5 hours he showed us where all the members lived... We visited menos activos, members, and new converts. My favorite thing of the night was when we went to visit Hermana Ida who is a new member of about a year... Well she has two sons who are not members and so we had a lesson with all three of them... The Spirt was so strong and we were talking about how this is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and this is the path and that this is the true Church... We invited her son Bernardo to be baptized on the 29 of October and he accepted if he comes to find these things are true. It was amazing and Julio was such a help... The members truly are so important in this work especially in a different country speaking a different language. Both Hermana Cook and I learned so much from Hermano Julio.

Then Friday we got to go to the mission home and meet President and his amazing wife.... wow! Our District was there taking turns having our interviews with President and so we were all talking to Hermana Isom and she was telling us about meeting with President Eyring and how amazing it was and that he started crying and saying that Heavenly Father has plans for everything and pointing to the Heavens! Presidente is amazing and you can just tell that he is so excited to be here and a little stressed too! But in my interview he just got to know me and I got to get to know him! He is a veterinarian. He and his wife both studied at Utah State and she got her degree in Elementary Education just like what I want to do! They have 18 beautiful grandkids... One of their kids is going to come visit for Christmas! They are both so sweet and loving! It was so fun to get to talk and know them!

Conference was amazing!! My favorite talk was Elder K. Brett Nattress's because it reminded me of my sweet mom who always read the scriptures to us in the morning and how important our moms are! I love my mom so much and would not have the testimony I have of this gospel without her! I also loved Rasband’s and Uchtdorf’s! So much about the Plan of Salvation and how blessed we are to know that there is an amazing plan for us! So much about missionary work it made me so happy!! We truly do need all the help we can get from the members! Love you all so very much and I KNOW THAT THIS CHURCH IS TRUE AND WE ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE WE HAVE!

Hermana Falslev

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Back with Full Stride

26 September 2016

An amazing week here in beautiful Rio Bueno!

Wednesday we had intercambios with the Hermana Leaders and I was with Hermana Chacon from Columbia. She is amazing and taller than me! Whenever I have intercambios with the Hermana Leaders I always learn so much... From her she shared me her favorite scripture from 3 Nephi 19, when Jesus smiles at the people and she said that we need to remember that Heavenly Father is always smiling down on us doing His work! It’s so true, I love thinking about that... Jesus Christ and Grandpa Falslev are up there smiling down on me here in Chile! It was such a good night and we found lots of new people.

So then Thursday when I and Hermana Cook got back together, we decided to call a reference we got from a member. Her name is Nicol. So we called her and it was like she had been waiting for us to call her… She was so excited and said we could come over Friday!

So Friday we were coming back from Osorno, because I had my last doctor’s appointment which he said all is good yayyy… so we were on the bus and Nicol got on our same bus, so we talked to her for a minute and then we had to go pick up our lunch and then we were on our way to her house and she called us and said there were a lot of people at her house and that she didn’t have time to meet with us... So we carried on working and contacting when we got a call from her... asking us if we had to come by and meet with her... HECK YES WE DID… haha so we headed to her house and had the best lesson ever! She is soooo ready for this gospel... She is 25 years old and is a teacher to little kids and so beautiful... She had actually came to our English class 3 weeks before so we knew her a little... But she was so sweet and just listened to everything we had to say... We didn’t ask her to be baptized but we are going to this week! We feel super blessed to have taught her and to feel of her love. She said the best prayer after the lesson thanking Heavenly Father for allowing to come to her home. She has a boyfriend and they have been together for over 4 years and they are so cute and so in love. After the lesson, Hermana Cook and I just talked about how we want to see them in the temple! So exciting!!! This is why references from the members are so important!

Wow, Women’s Conference was soooo good! We watched it with Hermana Moreno and by the end of Uchtdorf’s talk we were all crying! Super special to watch it in Spanish at the bottom of the world! Such inspiring messages! I cannot even wait til more of Conference!

Oh my goodness yesterday was soooo hot!! Now I know how Elder Durrant feels in the DR! The sun is soooo close here it just is right there hahaha. But today feels a lot better haha just went to summer real fast here and now there is already snow in Utah haha... its messing with my mind! It was such an amazing week! I love you all so very much!! Enjoy Conference!!

Hermana Falslev

Her new Mission President and his wife