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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Back with Full Stride

26 September 2016

An amazing week here in beautiful Rio Bueno!

Wednesday we had intercambios with the Hermana Leaders and I was with Hermana Chacon from Columbia. She is amazing and taller than me! Whenever I have intercambios with the Hermana Leaders I always learn so much... From her she shared me her favorite scripture from 3 Nephi 19, when Jesus smiles at the people and she said that we need to remember that Heavenly Father is always smiling down on us doing His work! It’s so true, I love thinking about that... Jesus Christ and Grandpa Falslev are up there smiling down on me here in Chile! It was such a good night and we found lots of new people.

So then Thursday when I and Hermana Cook got back together, we decided to call a reference we got from a member. Her name is Nicol. So we called her and it was like she had been waiting for us to call her… She was so excited and said we could come over Friday!

So Friday we were coming back from Osorno, because I had my last doctor’s appointment which he said all is good yayyy… so we were on the bus and Nicol got on our same bus, so we talked to her for a minute and then we had to go pick up our lunch and then we were on our way to her house and she called us and said there were a lot of people at her house and that she didn’t have time to meet with us... So we carried on working and contacting when we got a call from her... asking us if we had to come by and meet with her... HECK YES WE DID… haha so we headed to her house and had the best lesson ever! She is soooo ready for this gospel... She is 25 years old and is a teacher to little kids and so beautiful... She had actually came to our English class 3 weeks before so we knew her a little... But she was so sweet and just listened to everything we had to say... We didn’t ask her to be baptized but we are going to this week! We feel super blessed to have taught her and to feel of her love. She said the best prayer after the lesson thanking Heavenly Father for allowing to come to her home. She has a boyfriend and they have been together for over 4 years and they are so cute and so in love. After the lesson, Hermana Cook and I just talked about how we want to see them in the temple! So exciting!!! This is why references from the members are so important!

Wow, Women’s Conference was soooo good! We watched it with Hermana Moreno and by the end of Uchtdorf’s talk we were all crying! Super special to watch it in Spanish at the bottom of the world! Such inspiring messages! I cannot even wait til more of Conference!

Oh my goodness yesterday was soooo hot!! Now I know how Elder Durrant feels in the DR! The sun is soooo close here it just is right there hahaha. But today feels a lot better haha just went to summer real fast here and now there is already snow in Utah haha... its messing with my mind! It was such an amazing week! I love you all so very much!! Enjoy Conference!!

Hermana Falslev

Her new Mission President and his wife

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