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Monday, October 24, 2016

The Most Rewarding Thing On Earth

24 October 2016

Okay I have so much to talk about...

Monday we got in a taxi and we had our phone and then we got home and we were planning and we couldn’t find the phone anywhere... So now we have a new one and we don’t have anyone’s numbers so that’s been tough... first time for really losing the phone...

Tuesday our District Leader had a sober cambio and so we got a brand new District Leader! He is new so he is still trying to figure things out so that has been fun to change things up a little.

Wednesday we went out into the country with JULIO and we literally walked 12 miles... But we were walking and started talking to this lady named Michelle and she has two little boys Frank 9 and Hans 7 well we walked to the front of their road which was like a grove of trees and we started a leccion with them about the Plan of Salvation... and let me just tell you it was soooo amazing... They were all listening to every word that we said and asking questions and the view of the country fields was soooo beautiful... I will send a picture… It was by far one of my favorite lessons of the mission! They live about 40 minutes out of Rio Bueno! They are golden... Hans even said his favorite subject in school is religion... Julio is an amazing member and wants to move to the states and start a Chilean restaurant... He is always so willing to help us!

Thursday we had a Conference with President Isom... and he told us all our rule changes... We can drink Mate which is a popular herb drink here... seriously everyone drinks it. Our mamita let us have some of hers and it was really good but then super bitter! Fun to be able to finally try it! He also is letting us have one hour for dinner at night so we aren’t starving when we enter the house a night. There are some others but those two are the best! He is such an amazing President and he really wants us to step out of the box and be creative!

Friday we had a fireside with the youth of our ward and we are really working on strengthening them because there are so many menos activo!! I have so much more I could say but there is never enough time! Love you all!!! Have the best week and I hope it isn’t getting too cold yet! Chile is amazing and my companion and I are working hard here in Rio Bueno! The mission is the most rewarding thing on earth I believe! Love you all!

Hermana Falslev

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