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Monday, July 18, 2016

Happiest Missionary in the World!

MY NEW COMPANION IS AMAZING!! Hermana Arroyo is from Campeche, Mexico which is 6 hours from Cancun and is an angel sent from heaven!!! She is the enfurmera of the mission, 24 years old, and amazing. She has one brother that is 18 and her mom! She says she wants eight kids!

Literally all of you praying for me at home, thank you, because I got the best of the best!

She studied medicine for four years before the mission and that is why she is now the nurse of the mission! This has literally been the best week of my life with her!

We have been contacting like crazy, finding people that our ready. She is in charge of all of the sick missionaries. So we get calls every day from missionaries and she just helps them feel better. Saturday night we went to the hospital and met up with a Hermana. We won’t usually have to leave our sector unless there in an emergency, and then next transfer we will get to go to President’s house and do a presentation for the new missionaries! I remember when she and her companion then did the presentation and I never thought I would be her companion!!

I wish you all could meet her! She has helped me sooo much with my Spanish and she likes to try and speak English with me! Oh my goodness I could go on and on. Literally could not have asked for a better companion!

Hermana Schroeder was super sad to leave me and our sector, she left crying! This has been the greatest spiritual week of my life... Hermana Arroyo is an angel I swear! This morning we cleaned our whole house perfectly and I love it! Never knew I could be so happy. I’m so happy to be taking on this sector with Hermana Arroyo.

Friday we visited a bunch of families out in the country and it made them so happy that we came to visit! We are about to flip this barrio upside down! I’m walking the streets of Chile with a spiritual giant by my side! This week we are going to see so many miracles, I know it! The picture of me is after we got home and there was sooo much wind! Haha. The weather is beautiful today, and I bought some new boots!

I LOVE MY MISSION! This is going to be an amazing six weeks! Love you all!


Hermana Falslev

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