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Monday, May 22, 2017

How Did The Pioneers Do It?

22 May 2017

This week was a rough one my friends! Winter has hit Chile! Monday after writing, me and Hermana Adams went to a nearby store and bought empanadas to eat and then we were in a lesson that night and Hermana Adams was not talking and acting different! We left and she was like, “Hermana, I am going to throw up…” She threw up the whole night... We called Hermana Isom in the morning and she was like, “Wash your hands, Hermana Falslev, or you will get it...” Yup, I got it and was sick that whole day. Not until Wednesday did we start feeling better! We aren’t sure if it was from the food we ate or a virus! But we are 100% better now! 

So, once we finally got better enough to work we had some awesome lessons with our investigators! One that was crazy but so good was Saturday. We went with an hermana from our ward to our investigator Yennifer!

We taught her the Plan of Salvation and we were teaching simple because this is all new for her. We got to the Atonement of Jesus Christ and I asked the hermana to share about it and she ended up talking for 30 minutes. Our lesson ended up being very long! But I know that Yennifer could feel the spirit! It’s awesome to watch an investigator slowly come to understand the things we are teaching! She is going to school right now to be a lawyer and has a little 6-year-old girl! 

Yesterday was literally freezing cold here in Puerto Montt! Hermana Adams and I could not feel our feet at all and I was soaking wet! We have both asked each other many times this week how on earth the pioneers did it! I cannot tell you how purple and red my hands were from the cold! I don’t remember it being this cold last year ha-ha but I’m sure I will be used to it in 2 weeks! 

Tomorrow we have Conferencia de Zona and President asked me to talk on endurance for 10 minutes so that will be fun. I’ve been studying it these last few days and I love endurance! We as members need to endure strongly until the end and it will NOT be easy but we can do it and we can do it with a smile on our face! As members of The Church of Jesus Christ we have the knowledge and the joy of the Gospel to carry us through all the rough times! As a missionary enduring is something so important... Even yesterday as I was so freezing cold I just tried my best to enjoy it all :)! I know there are people out there waiting for me and Hermana Adams... 

I love you all!!!!!! My testimony of the pioneers has grown greatly this week. ¿come lo hicieron?? How did they do it?

Hermana Falslev

My favorite fruit stand ever!!!! Look at those beets!

These apples are to die for!! The lady thought I was so funny for taking these pictures...
She loves us! 

A family in our ward bought us this little fake fireplace when they came to give us blessings. Our house was so cold we could see our breath!! It's so nice and warm!

Our favorite young woman... Feña!

Puerto Varas and the beautiful view!

Hermana Hanosek and Hermana Dougal are the best and it was the birthday of Hermana Dougal yesterday, so we went and visited them today!

This is the hotel where Elder Stevenson stayed in when he got here.

Me and Hermana Adams are seriously sisters in Chile... having way too much fun!

I love volcan osorno with my whole heart!

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