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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bus Accident

2 May 2017

I don’t know what to even say this week! It was a long week ha-ha... 

Last night everyone received their cambios but me and Hermana Adams will be staying together for another cambio here in Libertad... WE ARE SO EXCITED! As we have seen the Lord preparing so many people in our sectors! Hermana Tripp (who was my companion) called me last night because she is a Hermana Leader in another part of the mission to tell me that Javier, one of the investigators me and Hermana Hanosek taught got baptized Saturday!!! I don’t know if you guys remember me telling you about him but we found him walking by the mission home one day when we went to pick up food from Hermana Isom and from there on we had many lessons teaching him and he always came to church. I knew from the moment I met him he would be baptized! When I heard that he had been baptized I was filled with so much joy! I’m soooo grateful for Hermana Isom called us that day to see if we wanted their leftover food… The Lord truly works in amazing ways! Even though I didn’t get to teach him all the lessons I truly felt how much he wanted to know of the truth! I AM SO HAPPY! I believe he wants to serve a mission! I will attach a picture of us below for those of you who don’t remember! I was just so happy hearing that he had been baptized! 

During our week, we have just been working and working! Helping our investigators progress as much as possible! I just want them to be able to understand everything at once but that’s not how it works ha-ha. 

Now for the story of today... Yesterday we did not have p-day because it was Labor Day here. So today the Zone Leaders had planned an activity to go to the country about 15 minutes out of Puerto Montt... We were on our way and got in a crash. I don’t remember how it truly all happened. I just remember looking at my companion and she told me my nose was a little cut... and then I looked back and a few Elders had bloody noses and one Hermana had a hole in her lip. But really everyone is okay! The worst was a broken arm! We were protected from something that could have been a lot worse! And we had to take an ambulance to the hospital even though we were okay and within 10 minutes of sitting in the hospital an old little grandma comes in and starts throwing up a ton of blood... it was insane... sorry if that’s too much information... Lets just say the hospitals are a lot worse here in Chile. BUT I AM OKAY! Just look like I got in a fight ha-ha. I know Heavenly Father was looking out for us because the buses here do not have seat belts! 

We have lots to do this week because of cambios and so tomorrow we get to sit in the airport waiting for missionaries and help them get to their sector! It’s going to be a great week and I feel so blessed! I love, love, love being a missionary!! Happy Birthday shout out to my sweet beautiful Grandma Falslev! And I am so excited to hear where my little brother Peyton will be serving the Lord this week!!! Missions truly are life changing! 

Hermana Falslev

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