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Monday, April 24, 2017

Part of the Chile Census

We go and buy arepas every pday now.. they are so good! 

24 April 2017

Another week has come and gone in LA GRAN MISION CHILE OSORNO! So much to do every day it’s so much fun!  

Wednesday, they had the Census here where everyone is off work so that they can be in their house and people go around and fill out papers about how many people are here in Chile. President said we had to stay in our house until they came to our house. They came at about 10 in the morning and asked us a bunch of random questions. The last one they asked was our relationship and they didn’t have ones for companions so we said we were Hermana’s, so we are truly Hermana’s here in Chile! It’s true... I love my sister Hermana Adams! She is such an amazing missionary and seriously every hour is so fun working together! We were so happy they came early because that means we could leave...

After lunch, we went contacting like crazy and we found the cutest family!!!!! Dolly, Francisco, Nicol (4) and Alfonso (2) ... When we knocked on their door it was like they had been waiting for us! We went in and they offered us some cake and we sat down and shared about our loving Heavenly Father with them and got to know them! They got married when she found out she was pregnant with Nicol. They are both from two different religions but don’t go to either of them... They have a cute little new house and moved in about a month ago. Little Nicol calls us her Tias (aunts) and gives us so many hugs and kisses! This family is so prepared and I can’t wait for us to come Tuesday to share more with them! WE HAVE FOUND SO MANY PREPARED SONS AND DAUGHTERS! It’s so fun finding and truly feeling SO MUCH LOVE for people I barely know. I just want them all to have the JOY and LOVE they can feel through this amazing Gospel! 
We also had an amazing lesson with Claudia and she is progressing and reading the Book of Mormon!

Wednesday night I felt the spirit to knock a cute house that looked different than the rest (because usually they all look the same, I call them cookie cutter houses). We knocked and a sweet lady named Julia came to her gate and we said we would like to sing a hymn for her and her family she gladly invited us in and we got to meet her sweet nephew who cannot see or talk but can only hear. We asked if we could turn off the TV and her and her daughter warned us that he would scream but as we began to sing he smiled so big and was so happy! I believe we all felt the spirit so strongly. They asked us to sing another and it was so special! We will be going tonight hopefully to teach the plan of salvation! It was so beautiful! 

Thursday, we got told from the AP’s that we now need to do surprise inspections to all the houses of the Hermanas! So, we started doing that this week and we will have lots to do this week before cambios next week! Their houses aren’t too beautiful so far, hahaha. Elder Thomas said, ¨I’m friends with all the Elders and then it comes to the inspections and we aren’t friends until it’s over... he is so funny.

Last night I got to say goodbye to a member’s dad that was slowly headed to the Spirit World to rest from his pains... It made me emotional watching him and reminded me saying goodbye to my Grandpa Falslev... I know the plan of salvation is true and that our death here on earth is just the start of our eternal life! It’s so exciting and amazing! I truly feel sooooo blessed that I was born into this gospel and I never had to wait for the truth!  

The mission is just truly something I can’t describe with words! Every day is so fun, hard, exciting, and beautiful! LIFE CHANGING! Thank you all for your love and support and your letters and love! Chao hasta lunes! 

Hermana Falslev

We did a open house in Puerta Varas, it was amazing! 

The oil aisle in Chile is so big... They use so much here! 

Hermana Adams made fun of me because I almost left without a sock...

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