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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Weekend | The Island of Chiloe

17 April 2017

This weekend was one of the best! 

So Tuesday we had Conference with President and we got all ready to go and we get the the church house and no one was there. So we called Hermana Isom and it was on the other side of Puerto Montt and we were the only ones that the Zone Leaders didn't tell.. But Conference was amazing.. It was so fun talking to all the Missionaries about how to be happy in the mission! Then we did a surprise for President and Hermana Isom... we had a member make cakes for them and we sang to them! It was so awesome, we sang Love at Home. They have been married for 43 years. 

After Conference, President had interviews and so Hermana Isom came with us to two of our appointments with our amazing investigators and Hermana Isom shared the most beautiful testimony with each of them and even though they were in English they both cried because they could feel the Spirit so strong, it was amazing. Hermana Isom wants to speak Spanish so badly. But even as we translated our investigators were able to feel the spirit so strongly! She had as all crying! 

Thursday we got to meet the mom of Monserrat, a little girl that is nine, that loves us and wants to get baptized. Her mom is so ready for the Gospel and was bawling as we spoke to her about the Plan of Salvation. I know they will both be baptized! Heavenly Father works in beautiful ways.. we ran into Monserrat in the street right after fasting! We are visiting them tonight and will be inviting them to be baptized! 

Then Friday we left for the Island of Chiloe early in the morning and it was a beautiful drive to Castro the capital which was about 4 hours to drive! We got to Chiloe and I got to work with Hermana Heath from New Zealand!!! Wow she is an amazing missionary and we had so much fun! She and I found 4 new investigators and we seriously had so much fun working together! They are doing amazing things in Chiloe.. there haven’t been Hermana’s there for a long time! I want it to be my next sector, it’s so amazing! Hermana Heath taught me so much and is one of the most amazing missionaries I have ever worked with.. such a blessing to work with her! No wonder my mom loved her mission so much in New Zealand! 

We had so much fun it almost seemed like a vacation! Cutest, happiest Hermanas on the Island of Chiloe! 

Yesterday was an amazing Easter! My first and only Easter here in Chile! The people don't celebrate it a whole lot here, but we made it fun! I woke up and wrote a letter to my companion and put chocolate on her desk. Then we went to look for our investigator to come to church! The talks were amazing and they all talked so beautifully of Jesus Christ! We left church filled with the spirit! Then we went to lunch and they gave us so much food!  We had soup and then we had lasagna and it almost covered the whole plate. We felt so overly full after, it was bad. We then had so many amazing things happen. We had a leccion with our Investigators Macarena 14 , Daniela 16 and their mom came at the end of our lesson. They had read what we left them to read and they had questions for us about the Plan of Salvation! They are golden investigators. When their mom finally got there she told us that after we left last time, Daniela said she wanted to be a missionary like us one day! They are the sweetest family and Rosa the mom is giving us so many referencias of her family so we can visit and help them! Then we had the best contacts and everyone wanted to talk to us! One contact we had with Natalie was amazing... We were talking about how we are hear to prepare the people for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and I wish you all could have seen her face.. she was shocked.. She was like is He really going to come? She invited us to come by this week! We found so many amazing people yesterday! It truly was such a perfect week.. it’s impossible to put it all into a little email! I love this Country!

The only thing that has been bothering me is all the people that want to talk about Donald Trump and all the horrible things that are going on in other countries.. I don’t like it! 

l love you all so much! THIS WORK IS AMAZING!!!!! I love being a missionary in these last days! He is coming and we must be ready! Start now.. read the scriptures, pray, and go to church.. serve in the temple!! Do what He asks! I love you all so much! 


Hermana Falslev

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