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Monday, April 3, 2017

My Companion Broke A Window

3 April 2017

MY COMPANION BROKE A WINDOW THIS WEEK!!!!! We were playing soccer and I passed it to her and she kicked it super hard and shatterd the window.. Bishop told her not to worry about it! haha. So bad! She is my best friend! 

What a crazy unpredictable week!! We had lots to do this week and nothing went right! Tuesday we had an amazing lesson with Claudia who is our new investigator! A member in our ward gave us her as a reference.. so we went to the first lesson with her! President really wants us to focus on the Resurrection and so that’s what we shared about for the first lesson.. The first question we had planned to ask was.. What do you think will happen after this life? Just from that question she started bawling and couldn’t speak for about 2 minutes.. The spirit was so strong and she told us about a dream she has had about her grandma in a beautiful place with a beautiful white dress and that she was really happy! We began to share with her about the Plan of Salvation and she listened intently to all we had to say! She continued to feel the Spirit through the whole lesson and really is open to our message! I love it because her best friend that is a member was there sharing her testimony along side us! 

Then Wednesday we had Zone Meeting and me and Hermana Adams introduced our new theme of the month to the missionaries! Then we started intercambios with the Hermanas from my first sector and I got to go have lunch with my favorite family .. familia Rodriguez! Then I got a call and we had to meet up with Hermanas that weren’t doing so well and so we had to change everything around and I ended up staying in a completely different sector.. and my companion went back to our sector with another Hermana, it was crazy! Its been a long week to keep it short! 

Conference was AMAZING! Hna Adams and I both had chills listening to Elder Eyring speak in his first talk about the gathering of Gods family.. It’s happening, the gathering of Israel! Jesus is coming soon! The Spirit was so strong during all the talks. So much about our loving Heavenly Father. Do you know how much 
He loves you all? He has a perfect plan for all of us and is cheering us on everyday of our lives! All of my questions were answered! I know what Thomas S. Monson said was the truth, that the Book of Mormom is so important.. If you are not reading it everyday.. DO IT! As we have a testimony of it then we will have a testimony of EVERYTHING! I am so grateful for leaders to guide us today! Are you all preparing daily for the coming of Jesus Christ!? He is waiting for us to come unto Him! I loved how in every talk they were talking about Him, our Lord, Savior and Redeemer! He’s coming and we must be ready! 

I love you all! Thank you for all your love and support! I am so happy with so many things to do! Keep my sweet companion in your prayers she is having problems with her health! Con Mucho amor... Hermana Falslev! 


Hermana Falslev

Look who I got to see this week on Intercambios!!!!! FAMILIA RODRIGUEZ from my first sector!  Best feeling ever to be with them again! 

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