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Monday, April 10, 2017

Bringing Souls Unto Christ

10 April 2017

Lets see, where do I begin.. It was an amazing week!!! I think one of my favorite things this week was getting to work with Hermana HANOSEK in her sector. She has grown and become even more amazing. It was so fun to work with her… she is really happy in her beautiful sector that has the most amazing view of two volcanos. We were both so happy contacting and catching up! I also had two other intercambios this week with the cutest hermanas.. one from Argentina and one from Chile.. I’ll attach pictures! 

On Saturday I was with Hermana Campos in our sector and we were walking and we were walking into a sector that has a ton of houses and we started talking to the lady behind us and she was just like waiting for us to talk to her.. She started telling us about her two girls Macarena 14 and Daniela 16 .. She was on the way to her house and invited us to come. When I met her two girls I felt like we were supposed to meet. They remind me so much of my little sister :) We had an AMAZING lesson! We testified of Jesus Christ and shared the new Easter video with them and they were so quite and the spirit was so strong.. They wanted to come to church the next day and we found a ride for the three of them but they couldn’t make it.. They are amazing and I’m so excited to continue to teach them this week! The mom Rosa at the end gave us a reference for her sister in another city so we passed to reference to the Hermanas there.. This family is GOLDEN! 

This week we were able to find 8 new people to teach.. This sector is amazing and so fun! We found a family PF where the mom is the only member and we found them at the most perfect time and they are so excited to read the Book of Mormon and we have only had one lesson with them.. their names is the Yañez Nuñez family and they are so amazing. We are going to visit them tonight and Waldo the dad is going to receive a blessing of health because he hurt his leg really bad and can barely walk. They are so amazing and we found them because we were lost looking for a contact and she ran into us and told us to come to their house!

Its been so special last month and this month to really focus on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and testifying to EVERYONE that they will have resurrected bodies! The Spirit testifies so strongly to them! 

Tomorrow President Isom asked me to give a 10 minute talk in a conference of.. How to be happy in the mission! I am nervous, but looking forward to it.. I think it’s because I always end my weekly emails to him by saying I'm one of the happiest missionaries in the mission... haha.. I love him!

I know this week is going to be amazing and we get to go to Chiloe to visit our amazing sister missionaries there! And lots more! President and Hermana Isom have their wedding anniversary this week so we ordered them a really yummy cake to celebrate after our conference with him!! Love you all so very much! I am enjoying every second of the mission. Can’t believe I completed 13 months yesterday!! Love you all!!! 


Hermana Falslev

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