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Monday, June 5, 2017

¡¡Yo se que vive mi Señor!!!

5 June 2017

Wow where do I even start! I think it was one of my favorite weeks here in the mission. We found 5 new people to teach and we truly feel so blessed to be finding people that are so ready to hear our message! I had intercambios with Hermana Bouza from Spain and it was really amazing to get to talk to her and hear her crazy story. She has a Mormon Channel video on her on how institute has blessed her life. You should all look it up, she is a warrior! We were able to have amazing lessons together in my sector! We had a lesson with Yennifer who we have talked to about 4 times... she has been reading what we leave and progressing a lot. She committed to coming to church but Saturday night after trying to call her she texted us and said she wouldn’t be coming with and that’s okay, I know she will come in her due time!

We also have a new family who we are teaching and her name is Nicol and his name is Roberto. They are not married and have two little boys. Nicol wants to get married but Roberto wants to wait until he has everything figured out money wise! We have only taught them twice and Roberto has been listening to every word we say and is so interested. He asked us about the Book of Mormon and how we baptize... so this week we will be inviting him to be baptized with his wife and we will get them married I just know it!

Friday, we had other intercambios and I was with Hermana Rivero from Bolivia and she has only been in the mission for 5 weeks and she is honestly one of the most amazing missionaries I have met here on the mission. She teaches with so much love and power and is just so happy! She is a convert of three years and is so happy to be here on the mission. In her sector, we found a new investigator and it was about 9 at night and we knocked her door and she gladly let us in to share our message.
It was a perfect way to end our night! Truly was so amazing getting to work with her!

Then we had a great activity this week and I won the musical chairs ha-ha. And our cutest investigator Dolly came with her two little kids. Nicol, her 4-year-old little daughter was so upset when they had to leave!

Yesterday was such a special Sunday! I got to lead the music for the sacrament meeting and we sang I Know That My Redeemer Lives and the Spirit was so strong listening to them all sing. The Spirit filled my whole body and as soon as Bishop sat down I was the first one to get up and share my testimony!
I feel so blessed to be in the most beautiful mission on earth. I’m so grateful to be a missionary in these last days. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I could feel Him with us yesterday in the sacrament meeting! I know that he can’t wait for the day to come in His glory and to save us from all the sadness we are going through. He loves each of us more than we will ever know.
I’m so grateful for the priesthood and that it was restored here on earth so that we can be together as a family! I’m so grateful that I can be with my family and loved ones forever and that I can be sealed with my future husband and children forever. This gospel is EVERYTHING AND MORE TO ME!

I know this is all over the place but it’s hard to explain all the gratitude I feel! I love my mission with my whole heart! Thank you all for your love and support! Make the changes necessary to come unto Christ and be firm in the gospel you won’t be happier than when you are doing the things the Savior asks!

Hermana Falslev

 Our neighbors house burned down last night at 4 in the morning.. there are house fires everyday! It was scary, Hermana Adams and I woke up and heard so many fire trucks! 

Also this is where we write almost every Monday. The lady that works here is the best! 

Hermana Adams is the best companion ever making hash browns this morning!

The people here eat soooooo much bread! This is the bread corner. 

Using our sleeping bags because its so cold in our house! 

We made pancakes with Hermana Nichy for the activity! 

For those of you that can't read Spanish that text is from our investigator that said she was going to come to church and then she texted us at 1030 Saturday night saying she wouldn't be able to come :( it's okay I know they will come when they are ready! 

 Elder Le Seuer made pumpkin pie!

I had intercambios with Hermana Rivero on the left form Bolivia! 

 What we ate for food the other day... Mariscos del mar.  

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