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Monday, June 26, 2017


26 June 2017

This week was full of a lot of things to do!
Tuesday, we had one of my most favorite lessons ever! We have an investigator named Natalie and we have taught her now three times and on Tuesday she wanted us to come and teach her 15-year-old daughter Catalina! We went with a member who is perfect to be her friend! We decided to teach again the Plan of Salvation with her and her daughter! She helped us explained some of the lesson to her daughter and then we talked about the temples and how important they are to us! She LOVES the temples and began to ask so many questions. She thinks it’s so cool that we do baptisms for the dead!
I then asked them both that when they know these things are true... if they would follow Jesus Christ and be baptized in His true church. Natalie right of the bat said YES... and then after thinking for a little bit her daughter said, “yes, I want to be baptized.” The spirit was so strong and the member that came bore such a beautiful testimony and we were all crying at the end. Nothing better than feeling the spirit with your investigators! So, they are praying to know now! They are amazing. We want to teach the husband but he is always working so that will be our goal this week! Natalie also has a sweet little baby girl, Antonia and she is 3 months old and the cutest thing ever! I love them all so much! I feel like they are my sisters!

Wednesday was the first day of winter here and it RAINED SO MUCH! And the wind was so strong and they canceled all the schools here and everyone felt so bad for us ha-ha but it was fun! We went to our house after District Meeting and our house was shaking! WELCOME WINTER! Blehhhh no me gusta lluvia...

But we found 7 new investigators this week! We found the cutest mom last night with her two little girls... Her husband is a Marine and they are the cutest little family and have pictures all over their wall with their two little girls! She is really welcoming and wants us to come back and teach her and her husband! Her little girl Sofi is 4 and was throwing balloons at my companion while I was talking to Yamisela (the mom) so the next lesson we should bring something to distract Sofi ha-ha.

I think that I’m here to find a lot of people to teach and then when I leave they will all get baptized!! I love finding those that are so very prepared! I love find families! Nothing better! :)

This week I have been thinking a lot about our AGENCY. It is such a gift from our Heavenly Father. He wants us so badly to make the decisions to return to him. He is not going to force us to make correct choices... but He will send the Holy Ghost to guide us! I am so grateful for the way I have used my agency and that I am here on the mission all the way down at the bottom of the world. I’m so glad I use my agency to be happy every day!!!! I love this work so much! I love this Gospel with my whole heart and more... it’s everything to me! Choose the right and be happy! Live the Gospel and do what Heavenly Father asks. I love you all... I can’t believe how fast time is rolling by! Can’t get enough of this work!

-- Hermana Falslev

This is my cute desk area where I receive all the revelation for the investigators
 I had intercambios with Hermana Carter from Salem, Utah this week. She is so funny and awesome! 
 This is where we's literally a box but I love it!
 We went to a place where they sell so much fresh fruit! 

I walk past these houses about every day! I love the old houses here in Chile. Tejuelas are my favorite... Hermana Adams knows how much I love them!

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