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Monday, June 12, 2017

A Cookie Miracle!

12 June 2017

This week has been so amazing and with so many emotions. This week one of my very best friends will be going home to California! I had such a fun last week with Hermana Adams! We had a goal of finding 10 new people and ended up finding 9! 

We found 3 new families to teach and had so many amazing lessons! I don’t have time to write about all that happened but I want to share an amazing experience! 

Tuesday, it was raining a lot and we had gone back to our house for a minute after lunch to get a few things. I said the prayer before we left and in my prayer, I asked Heavenly Father to let up know if we should take a taxi to get to our sector or if we needed to walk because it’s about 45 minutes to walk and about 8 minutes in a taxi. As we began walking neither of us had a feeling to take the taxi... So, we walked and walked... for about 30 minutes. At this point we were soaking wet and my umbrella was breaking in half from all the wind and rain. Many cars were passing us because it’s a busy road. When out of nowhere this man pulls off the side of the road and tells us to wait... Hermana Adams didn’t hear him and just kept walking and so I yelled to her to wait! He unlocked the back of his truck (which was a truck of sweets) he gets out two big packs of alfajores for us! I asked him where he was from and what Ward he was from but he just said out of Puerto Montt... He then told us that his son was a missionary as well... We shook his hand and told him thank you and he couldn’t say anything and just began crying and went to go to his truck. We all three felt the spirit so strong and as we walked away we both just started crying and the Spirit filled our hearts so full in that moment. We don’t think that he is a member (yet) and that he felt the Spirit to stop and give us, two soaking and freezing missionaries some cookies! It was such a cool experience and one that we both will never forget. I know that Heavenly Father heard our pray and helped this happen! 

I had to look up what alfajores looked like. Alfajores translate to caramel cookies. Thanks Google.

I just want you all to know that Heavenly Father is listening to your prayers! He knows what you need right now in your lives and He will help us and guide us with the power of the Holy Ghost! I hope you could all understand my story! I will share it better and with all the details when I get home but it was amazing!!! 

Two of the investigators we found are Ximena and Josefa... Josefa is only 8 years old but wants to know about what we share! She is so smart and loves learning about Jesus! 

My new companion will be Hermana Cuña from Paraguay and I am so excited! We shared our Ward with Elders but President took them out so now we will have their sector and our sector… IT’S GOING TO BE CRAZY! Our area will be one of the biggest in the mission...

My heart is broken because my best friend Hermana Adams is going home but I know I will see her again! I love the mission so much! I can’t believe this will be my last transfer here in the mission!!!! Love you all!! 

Hermana Falslev

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