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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Best Investigators in the World #PuertaSur

24 July 2017

My week was literally perfect!  Where do I even being?

Tuesday I had intercambios with Hermana Piscoya from Argentina and we had some of the greatest lessons together! Our first lesson was with Carina Lagos. She is a new investigator and really wants to learn more about the Gospel. This was our second lesson with her and she was so happy when we gave her a copy of The Book of Mormon to read! She has been wanting a good book to read :) She is amazing and smart and wants to read the Bible and The Book of Mormon together!!

Then we had a lesson with Yamisela and Luis. I have told you guys a little bit about them but wow they are so prepared for the Gospel!
Okay so it went like this....  we get to their house and we ask them how they are and how everything is going and then Luis starts telling us how he read the whole pamphlet on the Plan of Salvation. He was like "this is exactly what I needed to read... this is exactly what we are going through right now". Because I don’t know if I told you guys but his mom died four months ago and his grandma just died last week. So now his 9-year-old little sister will move in with them and become their third daughter! We had in our plans to teach the Plan of Salvation but after asking him a few questions about what he read he knew everything about the Plan. I then felt the spirit tell me to teach them the Restoration. So, I hurry and told Hermana Piscoya that we were going to teach the Restoration! As we began to teach the spirit was so strong and they were understanding everything we were saying to them!
We invited Luis to say the closing prayer and he prayed as if he was a member his whole life. He prayed that he and his wife could know that these things were true... and he prayed for us and said that we are always welcome in their house to share with them. It was one of the greatest prayers ever. They are so excited to be able to come to Church together next week! I will let you all know how it goes!

Friday, we had our second lesson of the week with Nataly and Catalina! We taught them the Word of Wisdom! We were just about ending the lesson when Nataly (the mom) says she has something to tell us... She goes on to tell us the she smokes but that ever since we have been coming to her house she has been smoking less and less. She said that the last few weeks as she went out to smoke she felt horrible inside like she was robbing or doing something horrible. She went on to say, "I had the worst feeling and I felt like you guys were going to walk around the corner and see me smoking." At this point we hadn’t shared with her the Word of Wisdom. She promised right then and there to stop smoking! I asked her if there was anything we could do to help her stop and she told me to trust in her with a big smile! SHE IS SO PREPARED! She is literally changing so very much and it has been so amazing watching the Holy Ghost work through her.
Sunday, they came to Church for the third time and they were both dressed in dresses and they looked so cute! They love Church so much and we are planning the 5th of August for their baptisms!

I feel like I am finishing my mission in the best way possible! I love my investigators more than I ever thought I could love people that I had never met! They truly feel like lost family members that I was sent here to find! Thank you for your prayers and love. I feel so much happiness everyday doing the Lords work!  In three weeks, my mission here in Chile will end but my biggest mission is just about to start! It will break my heart to leave my people but I know I will see them again! I can’t wait to see you all! You will meet a new Hermana Falslev. I truly feel born again! THE MISSION IS LIFE CHANGING!!!!!! Espero que tengan una linda tarde!!!

Hermana Falslev

Hermana Hanosek sent me an email this morning saying that Maria Triviño will be baptized in two weeks!!!!!!! Maria is from my sector in Osorno. This is what Hermana Hanosek sent me today:

"Elder Spencer from Barrio Centro said.. Maria has a FECHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! According to him, she will be baptized like in the next 2 weeks !!!!!! I'm dying of happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like the best thing that I could hear for my birthday!"

As you can tell we are both very happy! Maria Triviño has such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and loved listening to what we had to say! I love her with my whole entire heart! It makes me so happy to know she will be baptized before I leave! So many miracles are happening! Hermana Hanosek and I prayed so much for her and nothing made us happier than seeing her walk to church with members to church! She always had the best questions to ask when we went to teach her! 

 Intercambios with Hermana Piscoya my angel from the start of the mission! 

 Our District!

 We got to the members house for lunch this week and she had the salad all ready for us to eat... My companion HATES mariscos but she ate them like a champ. hahahaha I felt so bad for her.
I love them now. 

This is Nataly, Catalina, and Antonia! They want to be baptized and are so prepared for the Gospel!!! Their baptism should be the 5th of August!  I love them sooooo much! 

 Familia Mansilla!! They are the best and we always have the best spiritual talks. When Hermana Adams left we all cried together...

 My favorite food in Chile.. PASTEL DE CHOCLO. This was probably my last time eating it! 

 We saw a submarine yesterday!

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