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Thursday, August 3, 2017

She Will Be Baptized This Week!

31 July 2017

There is so much happiness in my heart today!
This week we had a lot to do and we got it all done! We have been meeting with Nataly and Cataline almost every day this week. Thursday, Nataly told us she wanted to be baptized the 5th of August. Our plan was that Nataly and Cataline could be baptized together but Cataline told us she isn’t quite ready but her mom wants to be baptized this coming Saturday the 5th!
I cannot even begin telling you all of the miracles we have seen with Nataly. Thursday, we taught tithing and after we had finished teaching she told us that she had a new miracle to tell us… So, her little baby, Antonia, has been sick and so Nataly took her to the doctor. The doctor told her to go buy a medicine that was 30 mil pesos (about 55 dollars). She told us that she couldn’t buy it because she literally only had 7 mil pesos. She got home that night and started to cry because she felt like a horrible mother. This is my favorite part, she then got on her knees and prayed and prayed, asking for help from Heavenly Father to help her. She ended the prayer and she felt a lot better and had finally stopped crying. That night after her husband Miguel got home someone knocked on their door asking if they could buy one of the pallets outside of their house and the guy then offered to fix their car outside of their house that doesn’t work. She told us with the biggest smile on her face that she knew this was a sign from Heavenly Father and ended by telling us she would be baptized on the 5th of August. AMAZING!

I’m sorry that story might be confusing but it was so amazing to hear. The Lord is working in such beautiful ways to help us bring Nataly unto Him.

Saturday, we had an activity at the church house for the Primary and Cataline danced with the young women. When we got there, she told me that her dad was going to come and the next people I see walk through the door is Nataly, Miguel, and Antonia in her stroller! The whole family came to the activity. Hermana Cuña and I never thought he would come and he came! I truly feel like one day they will be sealed in the Temple together! Miguel was helping with everything and was talking to all the members. Little by little he is warming up to the Church!

I really am so grateful for these amazing people in my life! I feel so much love for Nataly, Catalina, Miguel, and Antonia. I know that I was sent here to teach them and love them. I truly couldn’t not be ending my mission in a better way. I’m giving it all I have these last 2 you all!!!

I’m so excited for this week because we have a lot to do!

Hermana Falslev

This is a family we are teaching!

This is the tree of Chile

Cambios en el terminal...todo el dia (Changes in the terminal ... all day)

We had an activity and Catalina our investigator was wearing this tiger outfit, it was awesome!
She loves all the young women!

This sweet little baby is Antonia.. she is Natalys baby and she is 5 months old and sooooo cute! 

I'm going to miss Puerto Montt.. I served in this city for 6 transfers of my mission! 

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