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Monday, August 7, 2017

Beautiful Endings

I love her smile in this picture.. she was so happy on this special day :) 

7 August 2017

The weather this last week was so very beautiful with sunny skies! I was so happy that I didn’t have to wear my rain boots all week :)

Monday night we had a Family Home Evening with President and Hermana Isom. They came and picked us up and we had to do a little off-roading to get to the house in the country and it was a lot of fun. They just got a new car so it was the first-time off-roading in it! It was so much fun to be with them. During the FHE the spirit was so strong and we all shared a little bit and Nataly even shared her testimony of how much her life has changed since we found her in the street and it was so special. Hermana Isom was holding her little baby and Antonia loved her and would just stare at her when she shared her testimony in English. It was a perfect night. President and Hermana Isom didn’t get back home until 11 at night...

Tuesday was my last Leaders Conference and it was so much fun. Hermana Isom asked me to sit by her and translate so I didn’t have much time to write because I was busy listening and then explaining in English. That night we had a lesson with Yamisela and Luis and family Mansilla... we shared a video of the First Vision and the spirit was so strong! They will be coming to church this next week!

Wednesday night Nataly had her baptism interview with our District Leader. She walked out of the room and was trying to act sad like she didn’t pass but she couldn’t hold back the smile. After her interview, a member met us at the church house and we did a church tour. We talked about all the organizations of the church. The spirit was so strong as we went from room to room. Nataly loved it.

Friday, we had lunch with Nataly and the whole family. She made yummy enchiladas and salads. She loves having us over for lunch. One of the nieces of Miguel came from Santiago to visit for the weekend... (she is the tall one in the pictures) Her mom the sister of Miguel actually got baptized about 7 years ago but now she isn’t active :( But it was fun sharing with her.

Saturday was the baptism at 5:00! Miguel showed up wearing a suit and they just all looked so good together! Nataly had the sweetest spirit about her and she used the temple dress of my companion. I feel like it all went by so fast. All the members that helped teach her came and many more. As they opened the doors to the baptismal font all the mirrors were foggy because it was so nice and warm so they had to get paper towels and wipe them in so we could see! It was so cute, before her baptism Miguel just kept telling her how beautiful she looked and kept kissing her. They are so cute together. He was taking a bunch of pictures sending it to his family in the states who are members! Then after she got baptized they all went and hugged her! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. My heart was so full of joy the whole night and all day Sunday. She was late to church but was just in time to receive the Holy Ghost!

Brother Barrientos is our Gospel Principles teacher and he is the one she wanted to have baptize her!

Sunday, I bore my testimony and couldn’t speak for a good 10 seconds because I was crying so much 🙈😥  but the Spirit helped me to be able to testify! As I looked around at the Members my heart was so full of love. I feel like Hermana Adams was just barely saying her last testimony! I shared my gratitude for having been able to find Nataly and teaching her and seeing her conversion and as I returned to sit down she was crying and gave me the biggest hug. We have a bond that cannot be broken :)

Well here I am finishing my second to last letter home! I love you all so very much...  The mission is honestly something I will never be able to put into words but more than anything it’s life changing! Ending the mission is the most bitter sweet thing that has ever happened to me! Next week I will end with my final testimony...

I’m excited to go to work this week and to finish strong! Thank you so very much for all your love and prayers...
Chao hasta la próximo lunes amigos!

Hermana Falslev

                                                                       Pictures from the baptism of Javier! 

Volcan Osorno from the bus home 

 I started my mission with Hermana Delmas from Brazil.. it was so fun having her stay at our house for a few days! 

We had to do a training for the new missionaries and their trainers.. it was so much fun!

Eating Curanto round #2

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