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Friday, July 21, 2017

Estoy feliz cuando no hay lluvia (I'm happy when there's no rain)

17 July 2017

What a beautiful week it was here in the mission (like always).

Tuesday: We had Zone Conference and it was so good to see President and Hermana Isom again and the Mcarthur’s from Osorno! President and Hermana Isom were with 11 of the 12 Apostles while they were in Utah! They shared with us all that they learned.
One thing that I really liked was from Dallin H. Oaks... He talked about how important it is that the bread is broken into different pieces for the Sacrament. We are all different sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and we have different sins and problems. For this reason, the bread could not be crackers that are all the same. It must be broken because we are all different. I have never heard of this but it is so true. The Atonement of Jesus Christ was for all of us but in our different ways. I invite all of you to remember this the next time you partake of the Sacrament. Jesus Christ died for each of you and as imperfect as we are, He has provided the most perfect way possible to return to our Father. I’m so grateful for the Sacrament and hearing this made it even more important to me!

Hermana Isom shared an amazing video with us about how far the Church has come from Joseph Smith to where we are now. It was so powerful that in the end we were all crying. The spirit was so strong and powerful. Our work is so important as Missionaries and members. There are still SO many people waiting for this perfect Gospel in their lives.

That night we went to visit Natalie and we showed her the video that Hermana Isom had shown us and she loved it. She then began to tell us that she really does want to be baptized and about how much she loves the Church! She gave the closing prayer and prayed that her husband Miguel would be more open to what we share. She also prayed that her mind could be open and that she could understand all that we will share with her and as she was praying she began to cry. At the end, I testified to her that this is the Spirit saying that this is true! It was amazing!

Friday: Our investigator Victoria accepted to be baptized the 5th of August! She has had a hard life and it has been so very special getting to share with her and have her at church with us! Her son is five years old and told one of the members yesterday that he looked like Donald Trump and it was one of the funniest thing ever! He loves church and when we are at their house he always asks when we are going to come back!

It has been an amazing week and we are seeing so much happiness and desires from our investigators… How am I going to leave them? I have no idea. They are truly like family and bring me so much happiness. It is the best feeling in the world... the love that I have for these people. I know that this is where I am supposed to be!

Thank you all for your love and support! I hope what I write makes sense. I just have so much I want to say and not enough time to write it all out! I’ll have lots to share when I return home...
Love you all!

-- Hermana Falslev

 We had Zone Conference in Puerto Varas.
Elder Vaughn came to Conference with us but his area is about 10 hours away by boat! 

 I had intercambios with Hermana Rivero from Bolivia! I love her so much she is so beautiful and I look really white next to her.

 This is Victoria and Ignacio ... Victoria has a baptism date for the 5th of August!!! I love these two with my whole heart!

 We finally got a picture with Natalie and Antonia... Natalie has been an investigator for about 2 months now. She told us this week that she really wants to be baptized but just wants to learn a little more! She is the sweetest and has the cutest girl! Her daughter Catalina is also our investigator but she wasn't home when we took this picture!

 Are you sick of seeing volcano pictures? If so, too bad, I'm not done taking pictures of these beautiful things!! I love them so much!

 Buying surprises for all my cute friends .... I love the things they make here...

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