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Monday, February 6, 2017

Meeting a Prophet of the Lord

29 January 2016

Well lets just say that Elder Stevenson knew my name....

What an amazing week in the mission. I was waiting for this week to come and now it has already passed.. the time is so fast! 
Bueno... Thursday night Elder Stevenson came to the Osorno Stake to talk and the only way me and Hna Hanosek could go was if we went with one of our investigators... And so we went with Maria Trivino… She was really looking forward to hearing from an Apostle.. There were soooo many people there and I saw a bunch of people from Rio Bueno… it made me so happy to see them. As Elder Stevenson walked in he started from the back and moved forward... shaking hands and talking to the people (in English with a translator haha) The Spirit was so strong in the room just having him walk and talk to all the people. He came up to me and Hna Hanosek and looked at our name tags and as soon as he saw Falslev he said you are from Cache Valley aren't you.. I said yes!! It was so cool to get to talk to him and his wife for 30 seconds... as soon as his wife saw us she said.. Sister missionaries!!! They are so sweet and loving. I looked up at Hna Isom after and she gave me a thumbs up and a smile! They both gave amazing talks and Elder Packer of the Seventy and his wife came as well! Elder Packer first got up and said that this was one of the most beautiful places on Earth and that all the members and their babies were so beautiful. He said over and over again that he has found Zion in Chile Osorno and that when he talks to President Monson on Thursday he is going to tell him he found Zion in Osorno. He talked a lot about our Heavenly Father and prayer. Something that I love that he said was, " No problem is too big, and no problem is too small.. that our Heavenly Father will help us with all of our problems." Maria our investigator loved hearing from him and it was an amazing meeting and sooo hot we were all dripping sweat! 

Friday in the morning we woke up at 5 and got ready to go to Puerto Montt to listen to Elder Stevenson!! We got off the bus and there were sooo many missonaries! It was sooo crazy to see all the missionaries from the mission.. So many unfamiliar faces. Then I see Hna Schroeder!!! So happy to see her.. We were both so happy and then Hna Cook!! It was such a happy reunion. We didn't have much time to talk before because Elder Stevenson was really close to the church. We all got to shake his hand and this time he knew my name and said.. there she is again.. Hna Falslev. Then we got to listen to the Packers and Hna Stevenson and Elder Stevenson last! He taught us so much and it was all so simple and the spirit was so strong! He is amazing and is so fun.. He doesn't know any Spanish and so he would just break out into Japanese! We were all listening to every word he had to say! He ended with an Apostolic Blessing for all of us and I’m pretty sure all of us in the room were crying. I know that he is an Apostle of Jesus Christ.. that everything he taught us was what we need to be doing better! I felt the spirit so strong! Then we had lunch and that’s when we all got to talk and eat! Over 170 missionaries it was amazing. So good to see Hna Schroeder and all my companions! 

I know this church is the truest thing on Earth.. I’m so grateful for my Heavenly Father, my older brother Jesus Christ, and my companion the Holy Ghost.. The three are so very important! I love this Gospel so very much and we have seen so much progress and miracles in our sector! I know that president is receiving revelation to know where we need to go! I love you all and hope you are all doing good! Know that I love you all! The mission is the greatest adventure I could ever be on!! 


Hermana Falslev

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