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Monday, February 6, 2017

Bautismo de Tery Agustina / BIG NEWS

6 February 2017

HOLA... families and friends.... Presidente called last night with some big news.. I WILL BE TRAINING A NEW HERMANA FROM BRASIL... WHAT!!!!  I didn’t sleep hardly last night! I’m feeling lots of different emotions!  I’m so excited and nervous but I know that it will be a huge blessing... I feel so blessed… her name is Hermana Riberio… she will get her Wednesday! 

Bueno I have so much to say but I'm gonna keep it short because I don’t have much time... this week we had an amazing baptism of Tery Agustina… She is 15 years old and so dang cute… When she was two years old, Elder Holland came to visit and she was two years old at this time in her moms arms sleeping… he closed his eyes and then opened them and said that he saw her leaving the Temple with a worthy priesthood holder… Augustina has passed through a lot of hard times in her life and got to go to EFY this year… when she went she felt the spirit so strong that she needed to get baptized... and so me and my companion had the blessing of teaching this sweet girl.. EFY changed her… she wants to serve a mission and everything… I cannot describe the difference that we have seen in her… Her mom was so happy that she finally chose to be baptized!! What a beautiful week it was seeing her enter the waters of baptism and a beautiful way to end the time of me and Hna Hanosek together!! 

This week has flown by… I feel so very blessed here in Centro and its been an amazing 2 cambios with Hna Hanosek!! I love her with all of my heart! She is going about 1 hour from here! I still can’t believe I will be training again and a Hermana from Brasil! I’m so excited!! We have so much more work to do here in Centro!! 

WE WENT TO ANOTHER BEACH TODAY AND IT WAS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I think I lost 5 pounds hiking there and back, but it was so worth it... I really am in the best mission in the world!! Can’t wait to tell you all about my new companion! The mission is life changing and I feel so very blessed! Thank you for all your prayers and love!
I’m pretty sure I’m one of the happiest missionaries in the world!! 


Hermana Falslev

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