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Monday, February 20, 2017

Hna Ribeiro y la Lluvia :) (Rain)

20 February 2017

What an amazing second week with my sweet companion! She is so cute.. I love when she is smiling and laughing. We had an awesome week together and we are becoming closer and closer! This week rained and rained and Thursday was sooooo powerful. I was just laughing because it was her first experience and I remember when it was mine and I couldn’t believe how much it was raining.. She is so cute and happy even when it was raining. 

Thursday we were knocking doors and found a new family to teach. Carmin, is a single mom with Trinidad (8) and Antonia (15).. Carmin, is so nice and invited us in as soon as we asked if we could share our message with her... her house is something you would see in a magazine. She is a chef and she and her daughter were watching Youtube videos of the coolest pools in the world, haha I love it! She loves her daughters so very much! We shared a video with them and then got to know them a little better! She has never had a religion but has always believed in God! I KNOW SHE HAS BEEN PREPARED! We were both so happy after leaving her house.. We are going to go this week with a member that I know will be her best friend.. There really is no better feeling then knocking a door and hearing then say we can enter their house and leaving with the spirit so strong! One of my favorites of the mission! 

We had an amazing Zone Conference this week! I love hearing from President and Hermana Isom, even though I see them all the time being in Centro! The spirit was so strong and I learned so many new things.. 

My companion is improving and adjusting every day! I love love watching her grow just like i did with Hermana Hanosek.. it’s something so special. I truly feel so blessed.. Heavenly Father is giving me the best companions! She is frustrated with the language, but I just keep telling her to be patient.. these people speak fast and bad haha. She was sad last night but I cheered her right up :) We had a contact the other day that was from Brazil and she was happy to get to talk to him and I hardly understood anything but a few words haha. The mission is the best, really that’s all I can say! Maria is still doing amazing and loving Church.. she wants to see 17 Miracles, so we will probably watch that with her this week! 

Good luck this week to my brother and cousins in their big game.. I will be cheering from Chile!! Love you all family... friends... thank you for everything!! 


Hermana Falslev

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