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Saturday, February 18, 2017

My New Companion Hermana Ribeiro

13 February 2017

Wow I feel like it was just Monday... THE MISSION IS FLYING BY. I feel like I blink and it’s Monday again. Wednesday was the last day with Hermana Hanosek before she left for her first transfer.. It was so hard to say goodbye.. She is my best friend.. She is going to bless so many more lives on her mission!! I love her so much.. It really was such a blessing to train her and grow with her.. We accomplished so much together! 

My new companion is awesome! Hermana Ribeiro is from San Pablo, Brazil! She is 32 years old.. She has always wanted to serve a mission and lost about 100 pounds to be able to serve. She is very soft hearted and doesn’t talk too much yet, because she is just barely learning Spanish. She lived with her mom and her older brother. She was a teacher of Institute before coming on the mission and loves serving in the church. She is really open about all the things she has gone through in her life to finally be able to serve. She had really bad anxiety before the mission and for this reason as well she couldn’t leave for a while. She is so happy to be here now! She speaks a lot of Portuguese to me and I feel like I can understand everything she says.. the gift of tongues is real.. I'm actually learning a lot of Portuguese haha. Its been a rollercoaster of days.. I just want to be the best companion for her! I love her so much! I had an interview with President two days ago and he and Hna Isom said that I was the only missionary perfect for her because I have so much love and happiness... They said they couldn’t have thought of a better trainer for her. I love President and Hna Isom so much ... they love us all so very much! 

Our investigator Maria Trivino should be getting baptized very soon... she told me yesterday that she is loving it more and more and something I love is that she understands the importance of baptism!  We are hoping for the 11th of March!! She is amazing and reading the Book of Mormon every day and praying.. It has really made such a different in her life! The Book of Mormon is real! I want you to all make sure you are reading it every day... and it will lead you on the path of righteousness!! Love you all so much! 

So crazy to here about all the flooding .. I hope it calms down a little bit for you all!

If you go to the Temple enjoy it, because I miss it so much!! 

I’m so happy here in the beautiful Chile Osorno Mission!! My life is forever changed! 


Hermana Falslev

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