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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Feliz Ano Nuevo

2 January 2017

This week was a hard week with the work. I feel like all of our investigators left Osorno or were with family! So we walked and walked and walked and talked to as many people as possible!! Its been super nice weather lately here! Me and Hna Hanosek do not have transfers and we are super happy!! But Thursday we helped out with cambios and I got to help Hna Arroyo talk to the new missionaries about talking care of themselves! I love Hna Arroyo and now she is going to be in Osorno! I got to talk to Hna Schroeder last week and she told me that Jorge our convert from Puerto Montt my first sector is doing awesome and super happy… it made me super happy to here that! 

Sunday a lot of the members were out of Osorno, so I lead the music in sacrament and then we gave a leccion to the Primary and then we taught the Young Women's class. It was fun, but crazy! I’m really looking forward to this week and getting back to teaching our investigators, because it was sooooo hard this week! I don’t know if I have talked about Carolina, Juan Pablo and Cristobal, but they are a new family and are so cute! Carolina is 3 months pregnant and loves reading all the things we leave her to read... We gave her one of the Ensigns of the General Conference talks and she was so excited to start reading… I really feel like she is someone me and Hna Hanosek was supposed to find. We have a lesson with her on Thursday and we are excited to introduce her to members now! We truly do have so many people to work with and we feel so blessed from our Heavenly Father to really see this sector open up!

We went to the coast today and saw the beautiful beach… but the sad part is the computer is not letting me send pictures… you guys are going to love them! We went as a District and it was breathtaking. Our new District was in the earthquake that happened and told us how crazy it was!

I’m not gonna lie. I'm super happy the Holidays are over so that things will be a lot more calmer now! I’m so very happy and feel super blessed like always!! Love you all! Thanks for all your love!!!

Hermana Falslev

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