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Monday, January 16, 2017

A Week of Tears and Cheers

16 January 2016

Holllllaaaaa! What another great week in Chile Osorno! Bueno we had some tears this week as our investigator Vivana told us that it is not her time to come to church. We had an awesome lesson with her and then at the end she told us that it isn't her time. My heart broke and after the lesson me and Hna Hanosek just hugged and cried… This is the first time that my heart has literally been broken… We have so much love for Viviana and her cute little kids… I know that we planted a great big seed in her heart and she has the picture of Jesus hanging up in her house. 

On Tuesday the coolest thing happened! Hermana Isom called us and said that she and President had a bunch of extra food and wanted us to come pick it up at their house. So we went right before Ward Council… So we were on our way and this couple was walking in front of us and the girl hurries and stops us and says "hola hermanas soy miembro de La Union" So turns out that she is member and she wants us to teach her boyfriend that just moved here! And it turns out that he lives in our sector! If Hna Isom would not have called us we would not have found them! We are going to have a cita with them this week! We are going to teach him and then they are going to get married in the Temple! Haha. It was so cool! We got to the house of the mission and told Hna Isom what happened and she thought it was the greatest thing ever! I love her so very much! Little miracles and blessing in the mission are the best! Heavenly Father has the best plans up His sleeves waiting to see if we are going to obedient enough to receive them! We are having a hard time getting our investigators to church!! If you guys have some advice I would love to hear it… I feel like we have tried it all… I’m about to have to take them by the hand. I don't know if they are scared or what! We are really going to focus on this, this week! Our investigators are so amazing and progressing so well just missing the MOST IMPORTANT THING! I’m so grateful for my mom and for her testimony of attending church. I have loved going to church ever since I was a little girl.. :) Thanks Mom! 

We have been finding new people to teach every week since I got here and its been a huge blessing because this sector isn't very big, but we keep very busy! Something that a few of our investigators have had questions with is the apostasy! They don't really understand why Heavenly Father would have His children lost for such a long time! So I have been studying and praying to help them understand and I have received an answer so strongly that the apostasy was necessary! I’m so grateful that we can pray and study and receive answers from our Heavenly Father. 

I’m so excited for next week!! The whole mission is coming together which never happens in this mission because it’s so big! We will be hearing from Elder Gary. E. Stevenson! I will get to see all of my companions!! Whooo! I’m so excited! We are working and studying even harder so that we can receive personal revelation from an Apostle of the Lord! 

Love you all and thank you for all your love and support! THE MISSON IS LIFE CHANGING! AND THE GREATEST JOURNEY IN THE WORLD! THIS IS THE CHRUCH OF JESUS CHRIST! He loves us and knows us all personally! Have the best week and stay warm! 


Hermana Falslev

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