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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


26 December 2016

What a fast week… 

This week flew by in a blink of an eye… Me and Hna Hanosek had an amazing week together. This has been one of my favorite cambios in the mission. We have found so many amazing FAMILES to teach… and after we leave lessons, we leave with the biggest smiles ever… She is so sweet and super calm and we are working so well together. It’s transfer week, but I don't think we have cambios… we were with our Zone today and they all got calls from Presidente saying they had cambios, but we still haven't gotten a call… We are so happy!!!! (but still don't know) haha. I hope you all love the picture of our investigator Vivianna with her two kids… I love this family so much… She was busy with Christmas, so we will be teaching her again this week… Her little kids love us so much and they LOVED the picture of Jesus that we gave them. Teaching families is the best! 

Tuesday we had a cita with a new family that we contacted. Only Juan Pablo was in his house, so we came back when his wife was home... This family is amazing.. they don't have a religion and at the end of the lesson they told us that Carolina is expecting a baby… so with that we will be teaching them that families can be together forever… I love them so much. Okay, I love everyone. It’s amazing to find people that are truly waiting for the gospel!

Yesterday me and Hna Hanosek dressed almost the exact same and neither of us wanted to change haha, so we were twins and we sang a special number and gave talks and we didn't talk about each others talks and we get to church and our talks were on the same subject… It was so funny!! After church we were all talking and the son of Presidente Isom is here and all of a sudden I felt super dizzy and it turns out it was an earthquake and all the lights were swaying. Turns out in Chiloe there was a 7.6 earthquake... Crazy!

Yesterday was super amazing and Christmas Eve as well! We got to eat with a family and the Zone Leaders… She feed us like queens and kings.. Pictures below!!! I love the families in this ward and all that they have taught me! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and I hope you know that I love you all! Thanks for all your love and support! So amazing to get to talk  to my amazing family… I love my family... Time has flown by like I always say! Hope you are all staying warm!!! I feel so blessed with everything in my life... ENJOYING EVERY MINUTE of this beautiful adventure!


Hermana Falslev

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