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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Happiest Missionary in the Mission

5 December 2016

Holaaaaaa! Wow so much happened this week!

Tuesday we had interviews with President at his house at 9 in the morning... he lives about 3 blocks from us, haha. My interview was amazing and he told me that I am the happiest missionary in the mission. Haha. I don’t know if he was joking or not but I’m sure I’m in the top 5! I got to talk with him for a good 40 minutes and we were just talking about how we could improve the mission and work harder! He is a great man. He asked me how the mission is going for me and I just started crying telling him how much I love it and helping these people come unto Christ... THERE IS NOTHING BETTER! Then during my companions interview I helped Hermana Isom put some Christmas bags together and then came Hermana TRIPP... I gave her such a big hug... I love her so very much!!! I talked to her about Rio Bueno and all the amazing people there! Not gonna lie, really miss that beautiful place! But I love Centro!

Friday we had intercambios and I was with Hermana Villena in Rahue... and she told me that President told her that I really am the happiest missionary in the mission so that’s what they all call me now.

Saturday me and Hermana Hanosek got back to our sector and went to work contacting and we saw so many miracles.... We contacted this mom and her daughter that were just about to enter their house and it turned out the mom was a member visiting her daughter and she was so happy to see us and told us that we need to teach her daughter and that she was almost baptized in Chiloe (which is an island) but then her daughter moved to Osorno to study and she is 20 years old and her name is Belen! The mom was only here visiting... It was such a blessing to contact them and now we are going to be teaching Belen! The Lord has really been putting us in the right path to find His children that are waiting for the gospel!!!

Yesterday marked my year mark from going to the temple for the first time... Being so far from a temple really makes me remember how important our covenants are! I love the temple with all my heart and miss it so very much! Always make sure your eyes are on the temple! Time is going by so very fast!!! I feel like I can never catch my breath!

I love you all very much and hope you are all enjoying the holidays! I am loving the warm weather here... the sun is so strong! The mission is the best! I know that I am as happy as I am because you are all praying for me... LES AMO!

-- Hermana Falslev

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