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Saturday, August 6, 2016

My Favorite Week of the Mission / A Week of Miracles

1 August 2016

This week was amazing!! It was a week of miracles... I didn’t know that I could be this happy 5000 miles away from all the people I love! I love my mission! 

Wednesday we had met with a lady Marcelo Castro who served a mission and is menos activo and it was amazing! She was so happy showing us pictures of her mission and talking about all her memories... I think that we really helped her a lot! She has a daughter that is 17 years old and can speak English really great and she loved getting to practice with me! It’s actually hard to talk in English I already can’t think of the words haha I love it! 

Also on Wednesday an Hermana in our mission hurt her knee really bad so we had to call Santiago and talk to the doctors in English so Hermana Arroyo would tell me what I needed to say and then I would tell them in English!  

Thursday was amazing! WE ENTERED HOUSES AND TAUGHT LECCIONS! We had a leccion with a girl named Macerana and her mom. They were so nice and let us in when we were dripping wet head to toe haha. We had an amazing leccion and Macerana started to cry and it was super special! Then we go to leave and I can’t find my placa anywhere... we searched their house and then left and searched outside and I just wanted to cry because it’s the one I got from the CCM!! So we said a pray and had to leave... I was so bummed and Hermana Arroyo was so nice and trying to cheer me up and then we are walking and we hear something hit the ground behind us and it was my PLACA!!!! Literally an angel dropped my placa it was amazing me and Hermana Arroyo were so excited hahaha we said a pray right after... I was so happy!!! 

Then right after that we knocked on a door and entered a house and taught a leccion! He is a new investigator Carlos... He is 19 years old and lives with his girlfriend... His girlfriend doesn’t want anything to do with religion but he had so many questions for us and about our mission. We went back Friday morning and had a leccion with a member his age and he again had so many question and wanted to see the capilla and so we have keys and so we headed for the church house! He loved it and then SAID A PRAY! The spirit was so strong and he promised that he would come to church! He is super special! 

Friday night we headed to Osorno to attend a doctors meeting with an Elder and so I got to meet a bunch of new missions! Every week I get to meet new missionaries and I love it! Elder Garcia told me my Spanish was really good for being out for 4 months... Haha I love when Latinos compliment my Spanish! So crazy to be back in Osorno where I first got here three months ago and it just made me think about how far I have come! 

Sunday Carlos came to church and loved it! Hermana Arroyo gave a talk and he honestly just loved it and asked so many questions about the santa cena and more! I don’t have time to write down all the amazing things that happened this week because there was so many! I literally have an angel as my companion! We have three new investigators and I know it’s because we are giving our all to the Lord every day! There isn’t enough time in the day and I just want time to SLOW DOWN… I need 3 more months with Hermana Arroyo! 

Friday there was sooooo much rain and now today is beautiful! Last night we had a leccion with a RC Leandro and his wife Masarrat who is a returned missionary and they are expecting a baby girl!!! I love them so much and they love us. It’s amazing to see the change in Leandro... He was the first baptism I attended in the mission and he has such a strong testimony... I love this gospel and seeing it literally change lives! NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPIER! Everyday I’m learning more Spanish, more about the gospel, and more about myself! I cannot begin to express how much I love my mission and how happy I am! ESTOY MUY FELIZ! Love you all! I know I have all these blessing because I have amazing people praying for me! Remember that your Heavenly Father and Hermana Falslev love you!

Hermana Falslev

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