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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Leaving or Staying in Puerto Montt? (Week 7)

6 June 2016

Another crazy good week here in Puerto Montt!! No Transfers for me and my mom Hermana Schroeder. We will be together another transfer! We are both so happy and are Best Friends! Every day is so much fun and I just love her hahaha. When they were announcing all the transfers I was getting so nervous, it felt like the Hunger Games or something... I am so excited and so is she, that we get another 5 weeks together!!!! We didn’t get in contact with Jorge until Wednesday, he really has been super busy with work and looks forward to still getting baptized! We are shooting for this Saturday! Yeahhhh, so we are excited! 

Wednesday we had lunch with the Rodriquez Family and they feed us so good... I will be sending a picture I call it the "ivo" they make the best food... LITERALLY IN FOOOD HEAVEN! Wednesday night we had a lesson with Maria, Narayeth, and Alex... They are so cute and progressing slow but it’s okay, they just don’t want to feel pressure, so we are taking it slow and they are starting to love us. We taught The Gospel of Jesucristo and it went really good. Maria gave us this dessert from Germany and it was amazing and they said they want to have us come over and have lunch with them one day, which is a real big deal to people in the area that they live, so we are so excited. Maria is such a sweet lady and I pray that she feels our love and comes to know the Church is true... Narayeth is her sweet 9 year old daughter and is soooo cute and I want to bring her home with me haha... Alec is their cousin and is 25 I believe and is super cool and listens so good to what we have to say... We have another leccion tonight and I’m super excited! Love these people soooo much! 

Also on Wednesday we got to do service and help a hermana in our ward clean up her backyard and I finally got to wear jeans and it was such a good feeling. Super fun to do service I wish we could do more… 

Thursday we visited Cecilla Fernandez who is a menos activo and she is so cool and speaks amazing Spanish and I understood every word she spoke soooo if the rest of Chileans could speak like her this would be a lot easier haha. But she is so amazing and so talented... Her house is amazing and she has made almost everything in her house... Seriously the furniture she makes blows my mind. Next Monday we are going to make a knitted tree thing which I am soooo excited for so I will try and sneak some pics because all of you would be amazed... She is so amazing I wish she would come back to church :( 

I have met some amazing talented people in Chile and they love teaching us. So Hermana and I are going to making some cool things so I will keep you updated! I love love love Chile with my whole heart and love the people even more!! It’s the greatest thing ever being in a different country! I read D&C 1:30 this morning and it talks about how THIS IS THE TRUEST CHURCH ON THIS EARTH. And I know that with my whole heart... This gospel is perfect! I would like to do a shout out to my family, and extended family, I LOVE YOU ALL WITH MY WHOLE HEART. My family is the best and I’m so excited to meet all my new little family members when I return! Family is so important and that’s something I realize every day out here! Love you all who are reading this!!! Sorry I’m just a happy Missionary in beautiful Chile!! Enjoy summer! 

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