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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bronchitis (Week 8)

13 June 2016

What a week! This week has been very different, crazy and so good!

Monday, after writing, we went to Hermana Santana’s to start our super cool craft, haha! Then we had a leccion with Jorge and his wife Mirtha and he should be getting baptized this week if all goes as planned and we are so excited!

Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting, so we met all the new Missionaries in our Zone. We got our new scripture to memorize and this month we are focusing on our investigators coming to Church. This really is so important and it’s so important for our investigators to know. I was talking to Hermana Norton about it and she said if we truly knew how important the Sacrament was we would do anything to partake of it each week! So this week I want you guys to study and really think about the Sacrament and how important it is!! Every week we can become better and more like our Savior Jesus Christ. Take the Sacrament and truly think about all our Savior did and does for us. 

Wednesday we had District Meeting and it was sooo good! We talked about new ways we can contact and find those ready to listen! After that I had Intercambios but this time Hermana Norton came with me to my sector and I had to lead and be in charge. At first I was super nervous but it was such a good night. She is such an amazing Hermana Leader and we had such a good night together! We found a family of six and their children are beautiful and we sang Families can be Together Forever and just talked to them and set a cita up with them for Tuesday!

Thursday Hermana Schroeder and I got back together and after lunch she did not feel good at all. So we went to Mirtha’s house who is Jorge’s wife and she was trying to help Hermana and it was so funny, haha. I will send a picture of Hermana it was sooo funny. That night we went to Hermano Ivo’s house and my companion rested and something amazing happened.... Hermano Ivo just started talking about the Book of Mormon and I was speaking fluent Spanish and it was the coolest thing ever! I feel the help from my Savior every day out! I LOVE SPANISH! It’s so rewarding and humbling being able to talk to these people I love sooo much! Maybe it’s because I hit 3 MONTHS! So crazy!

But anyways back to my companion being sick... Saturday she woke very sick so we called the nurse and were told not to leave our house... And then Sunday she woke up worse and so we went to the Emergency Room Sunday morning and she has Bronchitis!! I feel so bad, but she is doing much better now! So yesterday was spent in the house and then we have about two more days in the house. I have been reading like crazy!

Thank you all for your love and support like always! This week was so special and one I’ll never forget! Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know exactly what we are going through, we just need to be patient and our blessings will come as we keep the commandments, it’s that simple! Be happy and choose happiness everyday!


Hermana Falslev

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