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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

CHILE WON! (Week 10)

27 June 2016

If you guys didn’t know CHILE WON the LA COPA AMERICA last night! Hermana S. and I were just about to fall asleep and our neighbors were going crazy! So we got up and opened our window and everyone was going crazy! Banging pots, honking their horns, screaming, it was the craziest thing ever haha I love Chile so much! People were just running the streets screaming "Otra Vez, Otra Vez"   they have won two years in a row! Whoooooo! I love being here!

Ahhh this week! So much happened this week...

Monday night Hermana and I were walking home from the Bishops and a car hit my companion. It wasn’t hard and she is 100% okay, but it was scary! No one knows how to drive here and the lady rolled down her window and was like trying to yell at us. Haha oh geez.

Tuesday night’s we have Consejo de barrio with our ward leaders and us missionaries are going to start working and visiting the members a lot more and I am super excited! I LOVE MY BARRIO!

Wednesday night Chile played Colombia and the streets were empty so we had no luck getting into houses! Friday we had a Noche De Hogar with our ward and it was so much fun! We talked about the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy and it was good... People here struggle very much with keeping the Sabbath Day holy. Then we had a talent show and it was amazing, mostly people just sang and it was just a lot of fun. Then they brought out the food and it literally went in like 15 minutes! It was so fun to just be around the ward and talk to everyone.

Saturday the Elders had a baptism... Joselyn and she is amazing, Hermana Schroeder and I are really close to her and it was so special to see her enter the waters of baptism! I love missionary work!!!

Jorge is still amazing and happy! Yesterday we went on a nature walk and found a view of the three volcanos! The change I have seen in Jorge will keep me happy for the rest of my mission I think... He makes me so happy... having a convert in the church they really do become so special to you!! I’m so thankful for him and his family!! Last night we showed them a temple video and the spirit was super strong and they are planning to go in exactly one year! Makes me and Hermana Schroeder so happy!

I love this work so much and I love my first sector with my whole heart! Spanish is coming more and more! I love this gospel and I’m so grateful to be a missionary right now there is nowhere else I would rather be! I love you all!

Hermana Falslev

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