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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 6 in Puerto Montt, Chile

30 May 2016


Things didn’t go as planned this week and Jorge was not baptized. We are not exactly sure what happened, but he said he had work and will be getting baptized this week! I’ve learned a lot of patience this week! It’s been a hard week, no one wants to listen to us and we just walk for miles and miles!

Monday we had another good leccion with Maria and Narayeth! They are so cute! She wants to get baptized, so we will continue to teach and pray!

Tuesday we had lunch with the Spolman’s! Can I just say that they are the sweetest humans! They are both almost 90 and Hermano Spolman has really bad shakes and he still is just so happy and always jokes with us! Hermana Spolman is the best cook ever!!!! I had Pastel de Choclo for the first time and it was HEAVEN!!! Oh my goodness, soooo good! Literally the food is amazing! She is the best cook and reminds me of my sweet Grandma’s! Their kids are gone, but they are always so happy and sweet. Some of the greatest people I have met! I’ll send a pic!

Wednesday we had our last District Meeting together because Transfers are this week! So I may get a new Trainer or I could be with Hermana Schroeder for another Transfer! I will be happy either way because it’s what Heavenly Father wants.

Thursday our lunch fell through and so during lunch we watched Gordon B Hinckley’s 95th Birthday Broadcast hahaha, it was soooo good! He was an amazing Prophet! We watch some great things on our huge TV that is like 5 inches!

Saturday the Elders in our Ward had a baptism, so we went to that and it was good!!! Makes me sooo happy to see people baptized and to see their happiness!

Last night we had a leccion with Familia Carnales and it was sooo fun! I found a talk from the Liahona and it was so good, just about enduring to the end! They are waiting for her divorce with her first husband to go through. so that they can get baptized, they are the best! She is also an amazing cook! Literally in food heaven here! This week has been so hard just walking and walking and walking and no one wanting the gospel... BUT IT’S OKAY I’M HAPPY AND BECOMING MORE CONVERTED EVERYDAY! I love being a Missionary and just being here experiencing a different culture and meeting amazing people like the sweet Spolman’s! Love you all and just be happy!

-- Hermana Falslev

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