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Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 3 in Chile

Hola!!!! Buenos Dias!!

Another amazing week out in the field!! On Tuesday with the Rodriguez family we had homemade Subway and it was amazing!! They are the greatest human beings! I literally was in Heaven! We have been teaching Jorge about every other night and he is so excited!! I love that man so much... I’m sending a picture! He wants to meet my family so bad, he told me we could Skype at his house, haha. He is so excited to get baptized and attended church Sunday and we were so happy!! His baptism is going to amazing I’m so excited you guys! We have three new investigators... Maria, Nayardj (who is 9) and Alec who is a cousin! We taught them the Plan of Salvation and cute little Nayardj just looked at me and Hermana with so much happy and the Spirit was soooo strong! We asked them to attend church, but they were going to Osorno. So next week we are praying... Tonight we will be teaching them the Restoration! Whoooo! So pumped! I love finding new investigators, it brings me so much happiness teaching people who haven’t even heard of this AMAZING GOSPEL!! Friday I went on exchanges for my first time! Hermana Norton from Lindon, Utah and she is amazing!!!! She taught me so much in just 24 hours! She is amazing and just talks to everyone and we got in like three new houses and met some amazing people!

Southern Chile is so beautiful and green!! A lot of the people here are fishermen for a living! The weather has been amazing and sunny and I’m super grateful for that! Dogs are literally everywhere. I know I haven’t really talked about them, but oh my dogs everywhere!! Haha on Saturday we walked with a family to our church house for a Mother’s Day thing at our church and we were outside of a panadaria and this dog was barking like crazy and I was so nervous haha and then all of sudden Hermana Schroeder just starts laughing like crazy and I was like what... THE DOG PEEDED ON ME!! On my tights and all over my boot! I was sooo mad haha I don’t think I will grow to love the dogs haha they are sooo annoying... haven’t gotten bit yet, I’ll keep you all updated!

It was so amazing to talk to my family on Sunday! I love being a missionary and Chile is seriously the best!! Thank you all for your love and support! I walk so much haha it never stops but I stinkin love it! This gospel is perfect and brings me so much joy! Ready for another week in beautiful Puerto Montt!!
Hermana Falslev

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