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Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 2 in Chile

Hola!!! I can’t believe another week has come and gone!! Time goes soooo fast! This week has been amazing!

Tuesday... I started my first fire! We have to cut all of our wood and start fires every morning because our house gets pretty cold but not to bad! It’s fun to cut the wood, it’s a good workout haha. We started heading to lunch, which was a long walk, and all of a sudden this guy comes up behind us and starts talking to us, and he said he didn’t want to hear about our religion, but he wanted to take us on a date and then he tried to kiss us goodbye and we were dying hahaha. So funny! Hey, maybe he will be an investigator.

Wednesday... I had my first District meeting. Elder Torres is from Peru and one of the happiest Elders ever! We went over to the lady that washed our clothes and when we got to her house she just started crying and we were like what is wrong... and her son in Peru is super sick and her and her daughter were just crying... I felt the Spirit so strong, so I found a scripture and bore my testimony and then Hermana Schroeder said a prayer and the Spirit was so strong. We aren’t just here to find people to teach. I am here on a mission to help everyone. Members, strangers, investigators, my companion, everyone and I love it! Helping comfort them made me soooo happy! I love having the Spirit with me.

Thursday... Walked and tracked and walked and tracked.... I walk a lot of miles and my shoes are already wearing down haha. We found a lot of good contacts! We have a lesson with Maria and her cutest 9 year old daughter. We are way excited and have a very good feeling about them! We were at this park and this guy walks up and asks if we are lost in perfect English... we were like no... And then we just had a long conversation with him and I decided that he is a State hater he had nothing good to say about the United States it bugged me haha... he is very Catholic, but told us we are always welcome to his house if we are scared!

Friday... On Fridays we teach about five kids English at our Church! It is soooo much fun and they bring their parents and none of them know about our Church so we are just warming up to them right now and I love them all! Kati always wants to give us a ride home and she is the best... She loves the United States (a lot of people in my area want to move to the United States) but she tries talking to us the best she can in English and it’s so cute... She loves the NBA and dad you will like this her favorite player was good ole Michael Jordan! I looked at Hermana Schroeder and I said we need to go to her house. So we set up an appointment and she is soooo excited... we are so excited she is amazing you guys! I’m pumped!!!

Saturday... Our investigator Jorge accepted baptism wooot woot! He is about 50 and his daughter is 20 and got baptized about 2 weeks before I got here! We planned it all out last night. We are soooo excited and Jorge is so excited he was smiling so big!! And he came to church on Sunday and was just so happy! We bring him a treat from the bakery and it makes him so happy! Ahhh I’m just so happy for him you can just see his excitement!!

It’s been beautiful and sunny this whole week and it’s supposed to be the middle of winter so #blessed. Everyone uses the word BUENO it’s so funny and so different from Mexico! I’m just so happy here in beautiful Puerto Montt. I love this gospel with my whole heart! I love my Savior Jesus Christ and my loving Heavenly Father with everything inside of me! Be amazing! I love you all!!!!!!

Hermana Falslev

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