Serving March 2016 - August 2017

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 5 in Puerto Montt, Chile

Jorge is getting baptized on Saturday!!! So excited for him!! Another amazing week here in Chile!

Tuesday: All of the Missionaries had to go get a flu shot and Hermana Schroeder does not like shots, but all went well, haha. I love when we get together with our Zone!

Wednesday: So we were headed to go get our laundry from a lady in our Ward, and we start walking down the street and this dog just starts barking like crazy at us and then it just starts running at us full speed! So I just start running and I hit into Hermana and the phone drops out of her hand... and neither of us go to pick it up and we just run... it was so bad, but we get to the end of the street and just start laughing from fear, hahaha. Then this lady starts walking down the street and we asked her for help, but she just ignored us and then she picked up our phone and went to her house hahaha. So then we walk down there and the lady gives our phone back so all was good! Gonna laugh back on that experience forever hahaha. So sick of dogs!

Every Wednesday we meet up with Pamela and she is the cutest lady and this week we played some games with her boys! She is waiting to get married and then will be baptized, she is such an amazing lady and loves the gospel!

Thursday: We had a leccion with Maria, Narayeth, and Alex! Hermano Ivo came with us and we had such a good leccion on the Restoration. I felt the Spirit so strong! And all three of them said they would be baptized if they prayed and received an answer!! Whooo! Narayeth is the sweetest girl ever! Feel so blessed to have found them! We have a leccion with them tonight so I will keep you updated!!

Friday: We had our English classes and then we went and played some basketball and Hermana Mirtha thinks I am the greatest basketball player ever, haha she is so funny!
Saturday: So we are in a collectivo headed down to Centro to catch a bus to go to lunch and all of a sudden we see a bunch of Protestors and Marchers and the collectivo Driver was like oh no. So yeah the President of Chile spoke and all of Chile was freaking out because of the fish problem! I don’t know if you guys have heard about it but it’s really bad. Anyways, there were protestors everywhere. Hermana was freaking out, but I thought it was cool. Haha oh good ole Chile. (Don’t be too jealous of my country pictures this week. Chile is beautiful!!!!)

Sunday: Gave my first talk... People told me I did well, but I think they are just joking. My topic was Nosotro compromiso con Dios! I found a good talk from a General Conference and it was good, but I was so nervous right before! We spent a lot of the day tracting and then went to Jaime’s house whose son comes to our English class! He is the coolest guy ever... He is a lawyer and has traveled to so many places and his house is amazing! We left him with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and will be teaching him later! Soooo excited! He is amazing and sooo nice! We are so excited to have him as a new investigator!

Ever week is different here and just so good!  Thank you all for your love and support! Send me letters! Chile is amazing and I feel so blessed! This gospel is amazing and missionary work is amazing!

Hermana Falslev

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