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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Leaving to Train a New Hermana

14 November 2016

We got a call from the APs last night telling us that the Lord has callings for Hermana Tripp and me! I’m going to be training a Hermana from Oregon... I believe her name is Hermana Handsek... and Hermana Tripp will be staying in Rio Bueno and is training a new missionary from Spain!! We could not believe it! Hermana Arroyo called us and was so happy for us! Hermana Arroyo served in the same sector that I am going to for 6 months and she said that I am going to love it! I am SUPER EXCITED, AND SUPER NERVOUS, AND HAPPY AND SAD. I love Rio Bueno with all of my heart... I have learned so much from the members..., and learned so much about myself and grown so much! I’m soooo grateful for my sweet Hermana Tripp this cambio literally felt like 2 weeks THE TIME GOES SO FAST! We have about 13 investigators in Rio Bueno and it breaks my heart to leave them but they aren’t my investigators they are the Lord’s. I love this work so much and feel soooo blessed to have served in the grand and beautiful Rio Bueno. I’ll be leaving the countryside and heading to the city... I will be in the same ward as Presidente Isom, so that will be fun!

I always forget to tell you guys the funny things that happen to me in the week. This week we were leaving the house of our investigator Scarlet and she was walking us out of her house to say goodbye and I shut the door behind me... and it locked and the keys were inside... The only way to get in was through the window and it had bars and good thing she is super skinny. She luckily climbed through the window and got in... I felt so dumb, but it was funny! She is 19 and has the CUTEST LITTLE BABY! I love her so much, she has had a hard life but just carries on and is so happy! I still can’t believe that I am leaving Rio Bueno... Time is literally the craziest thing... I feel like I just barely left Puerto Montt! I love you all so very much and know that this work is His work and there is no better feeling than bringing His children unto Him. I love this country. I love ALL my beautiful companions! I love this mission... But most importantly I love my Savior and Heavenly Father... They have given us a perfect plan of HAPPINESS. I love you all so much and thank you all for your love and support! I’m super nervous to train but feel soooo blessed... it will be an adventure!

Hermana Falslev

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