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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Best Mission in the World

7 November 2016

Hola!! So much to say so little time... here we go...

This week so much happened. So many lessons taught. 5 new investigators. 2 new families that we are teaching. The work is exploding here in Rio Bueno.

This week we had our festival de la primavera. It turned out beautiful with the help of Hno Julio we just brought in a bunch of leaves and flowers from outside! Hno Julio knows how to decorate. It turned out beautiful... We all sang for talents and ate and our leader missional shared a spiritual thought.

Saturday morning we had a service project with our Zone and it was soooo fun and felt so good to go rake grass and it was just so fun for me. We got to meet and talk to all the sweet old people there... the oldest lady was 97 years old... they were so sweet and I was talking to one sweet lady and she just started to cry and told me how happy she was that I was talking to her. So much fun!!!

This week we also taught our investigator Andrea and her 3 daughters! We shared a video about how important the family is and then we shared more of the plan of salvation with them! They have so many questions and are super cute and just listen to everything we have to say.

Yesterday we had one of my favorite lessons in the mission. I wish you could have all been there haha... So Friday we contacted our taxi driver and right off the bat we knew he was prepared to receive the gospel. He had so many questions and was telling us how he has been searching for a church he likes... So we got all his information and yesterday we went to his house. His name is Erdvin and his wife is Yessina...they have 3 kids... Matius 17, Martin 10, Isabella 4... This family is ORO (gold) we shared the same video of the family and then we changed our plans and taught the restoration!! And I have never felt the Spirit so strong in a lesson. Hna Tripp and I were teaching with so much power. We had Yessina read from Joseph Smith History and she just keep reading and reading... you could just tell that she wanted to find out what happened next... And when she read the first vision the Spirit was so strong. They had so many questions about Joseph Smith and just everything... It was perfect and their kids were just sitting there listening to everything we had to say. I wish I could explain the whole lesson haha but it was all just so amazing. I KNOW THAT HEAVENLY FATHER IS PREPARING HIS CHILDREN TO HEAR THIS MESSAGE. They are excited to read more and they want the Book of Mormon! I think Hna Tripp and I left with the biggest smiles on our faces! I love this work so much. I wish I could say all the amazing things that happened this week but one hour is just way too short. I love this gospel with all of my heart! I know that He is preparing His children to receive this message and I feel so blessed to be a missionary! I know that Jose Smith is a Profeta!

Also today we went on an adventure with Hno Julio, Humberto, y Anita... I just want you to all know that I am in the most beautiful mission in the whole world!!!! I love this country and the amazing people. I’m serious when I say the weeks just keep getting better!

Hermana Falslev

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