Serving March 2016 - August 2017

Friday, September 2, 2016

New Area & New Companion - RIO BUENO

29 August 2016

Hola everyone! The mission just keeps getting better... My new area is Rio Bueno! It is a town a little bigger than Preston, ID I think, and it is about 40 minutes from Osorno! It was hard to say goodbye to my sweet Hna Arroyo. She was so cute and sad that I was leaving her. My suit cases were packed to the limit and so heavy, haha, I’m in trouble.

My new companion is Hermana Cook from Columbus, Ohio! She is 20 years old and she has 4 brothers! She is a huge fan of Ohio football. We are so much alike and are already best friends. I know that companionships come from our loving Heavenly Father and I feel like I just keep getting the best companions. Rio Bueno is so big.... I want to say three times the size of my old sector! We have lots of people to teach and I will talk about them more next week. The ward here is amazing and so loving. I feel like me and Hermana Cook are going to see so many miracles together this cambio! My birthday was fun and celebrated all week haha it was great! Thank you for all your love! 

Something I wanted to share was this week; I and Hna Arroyo went to Presidents house to talk to the new missionaries about their health and what they need to do to stay healthy and happy... So we begin our presentation with Hna Arroyo talking in English and I in Spanish and it was funny. They all thought we were so funny. But then we started the presentation and I could not speak English for the life of me and I was embarrassed... It was the craziest thing I could not speak haha all of the ones from the states thought it was so funny even my companion thought it was funny then I got a hold of myself! It was just a cool experience for me because I feel like I was just in their spot a week ago and I now I can speak SPANISH! Then I was talking to President and he was like Hermana Falslev I’m sending you to Rio Bueno because they need your excitement... Can you do that? And of course with the biggest smile I said, Si Presidente voy hacer lo! And that’s what I did these last 5 days. I’m giving everything I have and I really have seen so many miracles with my amazing Hna Cook! 

Sometimes I just think to myself that the mission should be harder or why is the mission so easy. And really I think it’s all about the attitude we have... Because it’s not easy to be far from family and friends in a different country speaking in a different language but I AM SO HAPPY and I believe it’s because I choose to be happy in every situation and it’s helped me rise above everything! Me and Hna Cook during our companion study on Friday morning just starting sharing our testimonies about the gospel and the mission and all the things we have learned and the Spirit was so strong! 
THE MISSION IS LIFE CHANGING.... I’m so happy here in this little part of the world sharing this beautiful gospel! I feel so blessed every single day and I know with all my heart it’s because I have amazing people at home praying for me! LOVE you all! 


Hermana Falslev

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