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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Heart Breaking Week in the Mission

5 September 2016

Wow, so much happened this week.
Friday we had a Conference with President and the unexpected happened. He was telling us all how much he loves us and getting super emotional and then he told us he has cancer and he will be returning to his home in Mexico by the 16th of this month! WHAT! I think all of our jaws dropped and then he started to cry and so did his wife! I think every single missionary was crying, some were bawling.

All I know about our new President is that he is from Wyoming and his wife doesn’t speak any Spanish and they have three kids! I didn’t hear what is name was because I was still trying to take in what President had said. I still can’t believe it! He didn’t say what kind of cancer, just that he needs to receive treatments! He then bore his testimony to us and so did sweet little Hermana Obeso! Then we all got to take a picture with them and President gave all us Hermanas a hug and he told me thank you for all my excitement to share the gospel! I love him and his wife so much! So in two weeks we will be getting our new President.

This week was good just like always. I love Rio Bueno so much! We are teaching a girl named Carla and she is 15 and loves our Church. She comes every week with her uncle literally every week! So we are going to work and fast for her parents to let her get baptized on the 24th of this month for her 16th birthday! She is amazing! I love the families here and they are always so willing to help us out! Chile is getting ready for their Independence Day which is 18th of this month and I love seeing red, white, and blue everywhere! Also spring is coming and I didn’t even have to wear a jacket today. Everything is getting more and more beautiful! I love Chile so much! Not much really happened this week but every day we are looking for more people that are ready to listen to us! I love being a missionary and sharing this light with others! I feel so blessed to have had President Obeso! He is such a power leader and so loving and has the strongest testimony ever! He said he wants to see us after the mission with our spouse and to tell him that we are married in the temple and doing well! Sorry I wish I had more to write but I want to send more pictures of my beautiful Chile! Thank you for all your love and support! 


Hermana Falslev

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