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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week 2

Hola. Semana 2!!! 

What a good semana at the CCM!! So Friday Elder Cook came for a Devotional and it was amazing!! He didn’t bring anything but his scriptures and spoke from the Espiritu guiding him and it was one of the most inspiring talks I’ve ever heard. Me and my companion went on splits and so Hermana Hibbard I got to sit by each other and we sat on the fourth row right in front of him and I swear he kept looking right at us haha. One of my favorite things he said was, “Prayers are answered most when they aren’t about you but when they are about blessing others.” So this week I have been pouring my heart out for others and I truly have seen such a difference. Then Elder Cook shook all of our hands, it was seriously such an amazing Devotional. 

Every day I am learning more and more of the language and I love it. It’s been hard but so fun and I can understand mostly everything my teachers say. My Sister Training Leaders are the best and Hermana Fjelsted is from Logan and I love her soooo much. So lucky I have them. Sunday was another amazing day. Presidente Suaste taught us about being fishers of men and how we need to cast out new nets and be Full-Time Missionaries. My Branch Presidency is seriously some of the most amazing men I have ever met... I will get a picture with them before I leave. 

Mexico City was crazy last weekend as it was Palm Sunday... There were like fireworks going off all day and it sounded like bombs haha and music going crazy until like 2am hahaha. They know how to celebrate here!! 

We got two new investigators this week so it’s been pretty crazy finding time to plan our lessons! But Monday was the best. We had our first leccion with Juan and it was amazing... the spirit was so strong. I could understand everything he said, besides something about coloring Easter eggs haha... But we just got to know him and then told him about our Father in Heaven and then about prayer. It was so cool to be able to talk with him about the Gospel and bare my testimony to him. 

I LOVE THIS GOSPEL... In just a short two weeks my life has changed so much and I have so much more knowledge. It is very humbling teaching the Gospel in a new language but I love it!

So this week on Tuesday I got surgery. Since I haven’t worn my shoes in, in like 5 days I got a really bad ingrown toe nail on both sides of my left foot big toe. So I decide to go to the doctor and he said it was really bad... So next thing I know I’m getting numbing shots... like 10 shots in my toe and I cannot even tell you how much it hurt. I was kicking the table with my other leg so hard I honestly haven’t felt pain like that before. And then he told me, “Oh it will feel better as soon as you leave my office...” NO!! I was in soooo much pain walking back to the casa. It was terrible. It’s doing better today but still really sore. I’m just glad it is over with. 

Thank you Aunt Kathy if you are reading this... Your package made me soooo happy and I shared with my District and they all love you too! This week was so spiritual and everyday I’m just so happy to be here at the CCM learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a new language, and getting to be with the greatest teachers and leaders. 

PLEASE if you have any funny stories or just want to send me a good talk or tell me about your day go to SERIOUSLY IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY HAHA. 

Hermana Falslev

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